UIC Business Undergraduate Women's Network Visits Google Chicago

On December 4 the members of the Undergraduate Women’s Network had the opportunity to visit the Google Chicago office. They were greeted by Tameem Mohsin, a Global Product Lead of Mobile Applications, to discuss the many things that Google Chicago has to offer. The attendees learned more about Tameem’s path to Google, opportunities Google has for undergraduate college students, as well as the importance and relevance of higher education in regards to the industry and company. Tameem also took the students around the office on a site tour to show them the culture and environment that Google encourages. 


The office had many collaborative and comfortable spaces rather than the average offices. The most exciting location for the attendees was the outdoor rooftop which included a scenic view of the skyline along with a recreational CTA train cart where employees can take their lunch and enjoy the view of the city. One of the general themes that the Chicago office location had to offer is a tremendous amount of artwork, made by Chicago’s very own local artists. The artwork was displayed along the walls of the staircases and around the waiting area of the elevator. The students were able to get an exciting glimpse into life as an employee at Google and get great insight into how to make it big at Google one day. Google offers a lot of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students such as internship programs available on their website at careers.google.com/students, or one may also follow their Instagram account @googlestudents to keep up with their latest activities. Tameem advises that students should always choose to apply when in doubt as they never know what may happen once they do -- that’s how he got his job at Google!


The Undergraduate Women’s Network is a student organization that is open to all students seeking pre-professional insights and experiences like exciting site visits, professionalism workshops, networking and panel events, and more! It aims to maintain an ongoing dialogue about women leading in the workplace today and also how people of all genders can come together to be advocates for workplace equality. UWN is hosting a conference on March 6, 2020, right before International Women’s Day. The conference includes an introduction from the UIC’s very own Provost Dr. Susan Poser, a C-suite keynote, a C-suite panel, an exciting career goal building breakout activity and some insightful networking at the end. With the room filled with alumni, UWN leaders, and passionate students, UWN hopes to bridge the gap between the youth of today and the fearless leaders of tomorrow. Find more information about UWN at uwnuic.com or @UWN_UIC