The Internship Experience - Darshan Mehta, MS - MIS Candidate 2015 - Century Link

Darshan Mehta

Full-time MS - MIS Candidate 2015

Industry: Telecommunication

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology

Undergraduate School: MPSTME - Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering, NMIMS - Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

Career Goal: To manage technology implementations for clients.

Name of company you are interning at: CenturyLink

How did you find your internship?

I found my internship through constant perseverance of searching on online job platforms. Moreover, a bit of a hustle and a sincere attitude can go a long way in helping you find one.

Did you receive any help from the Business Career Center in finding your internship (Examples would be: referrals, coaching, interviewing tips, etc.) ?

Business Career Center has always championed in my efforts for making an attractive resume while providing important tips for the interview. It certainly has been a one stop solution for all the things that I would require before an interview right from the resume folders to mock interview practices.

Which factor(s) did you consider when choosing to accept your internship offer?

While choosing my internship, the role was very important to me, after that came pay and location. All three of them worked in my favor for this internship.

What do you like most about your internship?

Most importantly, I feel valued as an intern while being a part of my team and my organization. That speaks volume of the corporate culture in United States and I highly admire that.

Do you have a mentor at your internship? If you do, what has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received?

Yes, I do have a mentor at my internship; she has been very helpful. She keeps suggesting how one should not try to map the theoretical concepts, learned within the classroom directly into the practical world. This internship has become an important part of my learning process.

Did you have multiple internship offers?

Yes, I had multiple internship offers. I received an offer from (Staples subsidiary) for the Ecommerce Analytic position.

What are your responsibilities at your internship?

As a Project Management intern, I have the following responsibilities:

  • Assisting in the design and deployment of a cloud solution at the client location
  • Creating Project Plan and Lessons Learned templates in order to introduce consistency among  projects
  • Implementing tools and methodologies for deriving Business Intelligence from the previous projects while recommending a corresponding process change

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