The Graduate Finance & Investment Group at UIC Liautaud

Do you want experience managing stock portfolios, but aren’t sure where to start? Need practice writing an investment thesis or pitching a finance strategy to a start-up? The Graduate Finance & Investment Group (GFIG) at UIC Liautaud helps students understand the world of finance, both by educating students in the practices of the financial sector and by offering networking opportunities that connect students with finance professionals.

GFIG has a lot going on. Each semester, we host our Student Conference for Equity Analysis to help students research and present equity analyses on companies of their choice. The conference prepares students for the Global CFA Research Challenge. The work of our Liautaud team has garnered statewide recognition in years past. GFIG members have also organized UIC's involvement in trading challenges like TD Ameritrade’s recent thinkorswim competition. These challenges are a great way for students to apply theory and get additional experience with major trading platforms.

Another GFIG function is supporting UIC Business students as they enter the job market. When students apply for analysts positions, they go through rounds of interviews where they present their own research and analyses, including valuations, investment strategies, risk analyses and recommended stock positions. To prepare students for this process, GFIG brings in equity analysts to work with students on their research ahead of their job searches.

Upcoming programs and events:

In the 2016-17 academic year, GFIG will launch a private equity and venture capital network in Chicago. The network will collaborate with Chicago incubators and private equity firms to develop equity case studies focused in life sciences and technologies. Participating students will practice developing investment theses and strategies as well as negotiating with venture capitalists. Stay tuned for more info!

In response to the increasing influence of quantitative investment research, GFIG has connected with the Chicago Quantitative Alliance to offer students further training opportunities in investment management. This faculty-supported relationship with CQA is complemented by UIC Business course offerings such as FIN 449 (Applied Equity Investment Management) and FIN 594 (Applied Investment Management). This year, students have the opportunity to take part in the CQA Challenge, a portfolio management competition that gives students real-world hedge fund experience.

If you are interested in joining GFIG or learning more about the opportunities we offer, please contact any of the board members below or connect with us via our Facebook page,

Calvin Castelino, President

Ritesh Ghosh, Vice President

Palak Vora, Corporate Liaison

Mike Desalle, Treasurer