Student Profile: Bernard Gaytan

Bernard Gaytan, Class of 2016

Major:  Information and Decision Sciences
Hometown:  Elgin, IL

What attracted you to UIC?

What attracted me most to UIC is its location. UIC is located in the heart of Chicago, a very diverse city with many opportunies to learn from other cultures and ethnicities. Also, UIC is a public research university. Students are able to get a quality education with a reasonable financial investment.

Did you want to become a business major before you started college?

Yes, I did. In high school I was enrolled in several business classes. I enjoyed those classes more than any of the others. I learned so much and I found the material to be interesting and exciting. They prepared me for the classes I've taken so far at UIC.

What do you like most about UIC Business?

I like the classes and the professors the most. I've taken classes which involve concepts I can expect to use in real world applications. For instance, in Business Calculus, I found that math could be fun once you understand what it can be used for. Also, the professors work hard to make material  interesting and they are always willing to help when you need further explanation.

Photo: Erica Minix