Student Ambassador Spotlight: Adrienne Nadeau, MBA Candidate 2012

Adrienne Nadeau
Adrienne Nadeau
MBA Candidate 2012
Full-time student
  • Concentrations: Marketing, International Business
  • Industry/Field of work: Non-Profit marketing and management
  • Undergraduate degree in: Writing/English Literature
  • Undergraduate School: University of Tampa
  • Career Goal: Non-Profit Marketing and Programming Director
  • Organizations involved with: MBAA, GMark, Net Impact
  • Linkedin Profile:

Q & A with Adrienne...

  • What prompted you to return to school to achieve your MBA?
    I realized that I needed business training to be an effective advocate for the arts and promote arts education. I couldn’t do it with a fine arts degree alone.
  • What was the most important factor for you in choosing an MBA program (or factors you considered)?
    School rankings, student organizations (and participation from classmates), location, career services
  • Why did you choose UIC Liautaud for your MBA?
    I thought it had a strong MBA program with enough flexibility to fit my schedule and was in a fantastic location.
  • We all know that people pursue the MBA to increase their business knowledge, but since you have started the program, what has been the most unexpected gain the MBA has given you?
    I believe I am meeting and working with a group of smart, motivated, and talented individuals that I will interact with for the rest of my professional life.
  • The UIC Liautaud MBA professors are continuously involved in researching new business trends and innovations. How have you felt the professors have been able to integrate their theoretical knowledge into practical applications? Do you have any examples?
    Dr. Barlow and Professor Adams have both had long and successful careers in their respective fields. Because of this, they are not only able to offer information and insight, but draw on specific examples from their professional life to illustrate their point.
  • Which class/professor has been your favorite thus far and why?
    Dr. Jenny Hoobler, my professor for Organizational Behavior. I believe she was an informative and interesting educator, and I believed the class material was extremely relevant. I have already put my knowledge of leadership styles, corporate culture, and conflict resolution into practice.
  • What is your favorite aspect of the UIC campus and why?
    The location. Student groups, events, programs, and social gatherings have happened at wonderful locations, taking advantage of everything Chicago has to offer.
  • How would you define the Liautaud student?
    Diverse, intelligent, motivated, strong leader, engaged in the UIC community, eager to learn and implement new information, looking forward to making their mark in the corporate world.
  • What advice would you provide to incoming UIC Liautaud MBA students?
    Get ready to create your own opportunities. Yes, student organizations and career services offer help and guidance, but you are the one that will make your UIC experience. I would encourage new students to explore the city, the campus, the student groups and take advantage of their opportunities. The self-motivated student can accomplish wonderful things while at UIC.

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