Start your job hunt today with these great tips!

Hire MeCollege is a busy time for everyone.  Whether you are attending full time or part time, the days fill with homework, group projects, work, internships, family, student org meetings and more.  As a result, thinking about the job search often gets pushed to the back burner until well into a student's last year.

Lindsay Olson, a PR and recruiting specialist, has great tips for current students to implement from the very beginning of their college career - check out her blog post to learn more.

In my work, what stood out most in her post were tips five and six.  Meet alumni and network.  We hear this advice all the time from our professors, colleagues and friends, but networking is a really great tool to find your first job or next promotion.

Remember that you share a common two- to four-year experience with your fellow UIC Business alumni and may even share the same major or favorite professor.  These are instant connections that give you a leg up against the competition when building your professional network. 

While they may not be able to offer you an internship or job the moment you meet them, they may be able to later or may know someone at a different company who is interested in interviewing you. It is important to get started early and build professional relationships instead of waiting for your last semester.

UIC Business offers a myriad of networking opportunities where you not only can meet alumni, but also learn valuable skills and information for your career.

Check out the next Business Alumni Association event on November 13 at the UIC Innovation Center and start building your network today!