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Experience Liautaud in Action!

What does a typical day of a graduate student at Liautaud look like? If you are thinking of applying for a masters program, we encourage you to register for a class visit to experience Liautaud in Action! This class visit can help you understand the culture, give you the opportunity to learn from current students, and discover if Liautaud is the right fit for you. We have a variety of class visits being offered this semester including accounting, economics, finance, management, and more. View... read more

Apply for UIC InKIND 2015

Each year since 2012, the UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business has offered free consulting to Chicago-area nonprofit organizations through the MBA Association’s InKIND Consulting Program, part of the training that graduate students receive at the Liautaud Graduate School of Business. InKIND student consulting groups form in early fall, and are paired with participating nonprofits, who come to InKIND for consulting on a wide variety of problems. Student consulting groups work with their... read more

Forbes Reinventing America Summit

I know. I know. It is about time I started blogging. I have been pushing this back for too long. We are about to head into the fourteenth week of the semester! I am constantly communicating to students to quit making excuses like "I don't have time", and just do it... Sadly, I did not follow my own guidance when it came to blogging. Plus, I think I promised a College of Business Administration staff member, you know who you are, that I would write about my experience with the Forbes Reinventing... read more

Taxes on Scholarships and Grants? That’s Right, Your Scholarships and Grants Are Not Tax-Free

Did you get a scholarship or grant this past year? Did you receive a refund deposited to your bank account after all tuition and fees were paid? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you should keep reading. Actually, you should keep reading regardless because this is good knowledge to have about taxes, scholarships and grants, and reporting it to the IRS. I did not find out I had to pay taxes on scholarships and grants until after April 15 last year. I had to pay a late penalty... read more

Done with the Semester? Plans for the Summer? Remember, Education is Endless

Doing an internship. Planning on summer school. Serving the community. Traveling to another country. Playing sports. Reconnecting with family or friends. Whatever you choose to do this summer, it is important to keep educating yourself and growing. During my high school years, I wasted my summer, and I feel like many people do that during the summer as well. All I did on my spare time, from what I remember, was play video games, play basketball, go to the beach, and work. Now I am not saying... read more

Travel to Washington DC, Dayton, Dallas, Palo Alto & San Francisco FOR FREE

This is not some crazy marketing scheme! I legit traveled to all four of those places in the last four to five months for free. The purpose of this blog is not to show you how to go to the mentioned locations for free (although you can try and copy my methods if you want), but rather, show you how I created and took advantage of the opportunities presented in front of me. So I’ll stop wasting your time and get right to it. Washington DC – This happened through an invitation to attend the... read more

7 Steps to Become a More Productive Business Student

Say Farewell to Unproductive Semesters! So I hear students say “I don’t have time.” Well I’m not buying it. The truth is you don’t want to make time. I have formulated 7 steps for you to become a more productive business student. 1. Get off Social Media I don’t know if this the most important one, but this was the first one that came to my mind. Leaving social media is more difficult for some than others. Think about the amount of time you use on social media every week and how unproductive you... read more

Student Profile: Bernard Gaytan

Bernard Gaytan, Class of 2016 Major:  Information and Decision Sciences Hometown:  Elgin, IL What attracted you to UIC? What attracted me most to UIC is its location. UIC is located in the heart of Chicago, a very diverse city with many opportunies to learn from other cultures and ethnicities. Also, UIC is a public research university. Students are able to get a quality education with a reasonable financial investment. Did you want to become a business major before you started college? Yes, I... read more

Faculty Spotlight- Özgür Arslan-Ayaydin

Dr. Özgür Arslan-Ayaydin is using UIC's significant diversity as a catalyst for a unique new offering in the finance department--Islamic Banking and Finance. She explains more about her background and what led her to teach this particular course.  Background Dr. Arslan-Ayaydin earned her undergraduate degree in economics at Hacettepe University, Turkey, and a master's degree in finance at the University of Leicester, UK. She completed her formal studies at Hacettepe University, where she earned... read more

Alumni Success Story: Ron Brigel, '97 Management

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Hyde Park, just a few blocks from where my restaurant is now located. What prompted you to choose UIC? Did you enroll knowing you'd major in business? I chose UIC because of the great value of education offered at competitive prices.  In UIC I saw a $4,000 per year school (at the time) whose degree was respected as well as the $20,000 per year schools.  I knew I would be a business major.  At that point in my life I went to college for one reason - to increase... read more

The Business Alumni Association and You

Each year the Business Alumni Association (BAA) sponsors events that range from networking happy hours to behind the scene looks at Chicago-area businesses and cultural institutions to community service events.  These activities are a fun way to stay involved with UIC after graduating and a great idea for current students to get involved now.  Meeting with and building relationships with alumni can polish your communication skills and create the connections you need to secure a job later.   If... read more

Start your job hunt today with these great tips!

College is a busy time for everyone.  Whether you are attending full time or part time, the days fill with homework, group projects, work, internships, family, student org meetings and more.  As a result, thinking about the job search often gets pushed to the back burner until well into a student's last year. Lindsay Olson, a PR and recruiting specialist, has great tips for current students to implement from the very beginning of their college career - check out her blog post to learn more. In... read more

Alumni Success Story: The UIC Business Entrepreneurial Spirit

Chris Kearney, BS Marketing '09 Entrepreneur and owner of College Rising Photo Credit: Erica Minix Where did you grow up? I grew up in the west burbs of Chicago in Burr Ridge and Willow Springs. What prompted you to choose UIC? Did you enroll knowing you'd major in business? I came to UIC as a transfer student from the College of DuPage and Joliet Junior College.  My two school options were UIC and UIUC. I had a few close friends at each school, but thought UIC was a great value compared to... read more

Alumni Success Story: Sonja Brisard, '94 Accounting

Sonja Brisard earned a BS in Accounting from the UIC College of Business Administration and began her career as an associate in the Financial Management Development Program of Navistar, a Fortune 500 company. After successfully completing the development program, she rose through the ranks of Navistar as a financial analyst, a senior financial analyst, finance manager, and director. But when the opportunity came to be her own boss, Sonja took the leap and became a business owner at BookKeeping... read more

Leaving a Legacy

As a high school junior or senior, graduating college probably seemed like a lifetime away.  But after the excitement of being admitted, registering for classes, and completing orientation, time flew by with the busyness that college life brings.  Classes, group projects, student organizations, internships, exams, working, and more filled the last four years of your life and turned you into a highly skilled young professional.   Now you find yourself in your senior year gearing up... read more

Alumni Success Story: Jimmy Merritello, BBA '13

Alumni Success Stories Jimmy Merritello, BBA '13 Entreprenurial Studies Where did you grow up? I grew up in Addison, IL. What prompted you to choose UIC? My father, mother, aunt, and uncle each attended UIC for their undergrad degrees. The city location, reputable university name, and reasonable price were also more practical reasons. Did you always know you were going to be a business major? I dabbled with other ideas, but always seemed to come back to business because it can be applied in so... read more

2014 Business Alumni Association Graduation Party

Dear Graduating seniors:   Each year the Business Alumni Association throws a party in your honor. This is a great opportunity to say celebrate your achievements! Join several hundred of your classmates and fellow alumni as we honor your hard work toward graduation and introduce you to the Business Alumni Association and how you can remain involved as graduates. This is a free event, but you do need to RSVP  by Monday, May 12. Follow the link for a quick registration. We hope to see you all... read more

Alumni Success Story: Eugene Fula

Eugene Fula, BS - Accounting '13, MS - Accounting '14   Where is your hometown? I moved around a lot when I was little, but I have lived in Orland Park the longest. So, I would consider Orland Park as my hometown. Why did you choose UIC? I didn't want to move too far from home, and really liked that UIC was in the city. As a potential business student, I knew that this could help me out. I didn't know much more about UIC than that, but I talked to a few of my friends that went to the school... read more

Tim Smithe, Executive in the Classroom

Yesterday was the last day of the Executives in the Classroom speaker series for the fall 2013 semester and there’s no better way to close off the series than by hosting Tim, the middle brother, Smithe from Walter E. Smithe. I learned a lot from Tim Smithe and why the Executives in the Classroom is a unique experience. Tim Smithe is the marketing director for Walter E. Smithe and experienced salesmen for the furniture company. He shared some valuable sales advice, which upon reflection, made me... read more

A Successful Junior Achievement Volunteer Experience

A few members of LABS participated in the one-day Junior Achievement school program at Ambrose Plamondon Elementary School. Volunteers were trained on December 16 by Angel Lira, and were given their assigned classrooms and materials to be used. Mr. Lira is an Operations Manager at JA, and a LABS and UIC alumni. I was assigned an 8th grade classroom with Abraham, a JA volunteer, and we were both two very excited first-time volunteers. Abraham and I had a well-disciplined group of 8th graders who... read more