Forbes Reinventing America Summit

I know. I know. It is about time I started blogging. I have been pushing this back for too long. We are about to head into the fourteenth week of the semester! I am constantly communicating to students to quit making excuses like "I don't have time", and just do it... Sadly, I did not follow my own guidance when it came to blogging. Plus, I think I promised a College of Business Administration staff member, you know who you are, that I would write about my experience with the Forbes Reinventing America Summit and start blogging more often.

Here is a link to this amazing summit I attended during spring break. I still think to myself “how did I get invited to this” whenever I look at it. You can see my name and picture on the participants section.

First and foremost, I have to say, to even be invited to a summit like this was truly humbling. When I attended my first class at UIC on August 22, 2011 (no, I did not memorize that date, I looked it up online), I knew I was going to work hard. I knew I was going to get very involved on campus. I knew I was going to make the most of my academic career.

But little did I know that my mentality of robust work ethic, staying focused, and captivating every opportunity would get me in the same room as successful individuals like Steve Forbes, Sam Zell, and Bill Ford. Many people, even the professionals at the summit, ask me how I got invited to something like this. I submitted a sincere request for an invitation with all of my credentials, and I like think I received an invitation because I am a student leader.

What did I do at the event? Well the theme of the event was “Leading the Next Industrial Revolution.” I got to network with some of the top names in business and government. I learned how they felt about the current economic environment and what they think should be done to start the next Industrial Revolution. The hospitality was unbelievable, at least for a college student; some of the attendees were probably used to it. When I sat down for lunch a server would run up to me and unfold my napkin for me and my glass of water could never be empty. It is safe to say the Forbes summit was one of the greatest experiences of my young academic and professional career.

To learn more about the summit check out my interview with UIC news or to ask me questions you can email me at KSHAH50@UIC.EDU

Hopefully I will start blogging more. I am always open to feedback on my blogs and ideas on new blogs so feel free to email me!