Alumni Profile: Marisa Randle, MBA 2011

Marisa Randle, MBA 2011
Marisa Randle
MBA 2011
  • Concentration: Marketing
  • Pre-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Advertising & Marketing
  • Post-Degree Industry/Field of Work:Corporate Strategy/Marketing
  • Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Advertising
  • Undergraduate Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Current Employer: Walgreens, Market Manager - Market Planning & Research
  • Linkedin Profile:

Q & A with Marisa...

  • Why did you return to school to obtain your Graduate Business Degree:
    I always knew I wanted to pursue a graduate degree, but I was having a hard time deciding between a marketing-specific degree and something broader, an MBA. Ultimately, I realized that getting the business degree would be the better fit. I realized that it would provide me the opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen those that I had, as well as open up new possibilities for me in the future as well.

  • Why did you choose UIC Liautaud:
    I chose UIC Liautaud for two main reasons:

    • Since UIC is part of the University of Illinois system I felt that I was "keeping it in the family". After attending undergrad in Champaign, going to UIC sounded like a great opportunity to extend my Illinois education, while being able to stay in the great city of Chicago, where I had been developing my career and professional network (not to mention, a serious love of Chicago food, culture and the summers that we live for around here!).
    • I also had the chance to meet some Liautaud students and alumni prior to applying, and after meeting them, UIC Liautaud felt like the right fit.

  • What has been the most unexpected gain resulting from your Liautaud degree:
    I wanted to get a broader business education with the MBA versus a more specialized degree, but I thought I knew exactly what kind of job I would take after graduation. I ended up taking a job that actually pulls a wide range of my UIC Liautaud experience together on a daily basis- research, marketing, economics, finance. Before this degree, I might have followed a more predictable, specific route, but afterwards I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I think that will pay off in the future - and it was definitely a result I had not anticipated.

  • How has your Liautaud experience influenced your career to date?
    My Liautaud experience certainly made me more marketable. I feel that I have a lot more options in my career path as a result.

  • Which course or professor was your favorite and why:
    Marketing Management, Professor Jelena Spanjol. She really pushed us to think critically, and her class was great preparation for real, post-MBA work. For someone such as myself, who had previously been working in more of a creative/right-brain environment, this class challenged me and helped hone those analytical skills that I wanted to strengthen, in order to combine with that existing work experience I had.

  • What was your favorite aspect of the UIC Liautaud program:
    My favorite aspect was the people I worked with in the classroom and outside, in all of the student groups. I really met some great, hardworking individuals who actually care about one another.

  • How would you define the Liautaud student:
    The Liautaud student is unique and hard working.

  • Now that you've graduated, what advice do you have for current and/or prospective Liautaud Students:
    Don't underestimate the impact you can make while in the program. Its a smaller program so there are some great opportunities to really go for it.

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