Alumni Profile: David Henkes, MBA 1996

David Henkes, MBA 1996
David Henkes
MBA 1996
  • Concentration: Business/Marketing and International Business
  • Pre-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Federal investigation
  • Post-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Marketing consulting
  • Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in International Studies
  • Undergraduate Institution: American University
  • Current Employer: Vice President at Technomic
  • Linkedin Profile:

Q & A with David...

  • Why did you return to school to obtain your Graduate Business Degree: I had a classic Liberal Arts major and realized I need more practical, hands-on experience and knowledge. Business school was the avenue to obtain the skills I needed.

  • Why did you choose UIC Liautaud: Chicago is a very attractive city and UIC provided the best opportunity to study as well as obtain an international internship. My 6 month stint as an intern at Nestle Germany was invaluable.

  • What has been the most unexpected gain resulting from your Liautaud degree: The experiences in Germany definitely impacted my attractiveness as a candidate to my current employer. Those experiences along with the top notch education and lifelong friendships were things that can't be replicated.

  • How has your Liautaud experience influenced your career to date?: As noted, working for an international food company made my resume stand out. The courses in marketing, accounting and finance have all shaped the consulting work I do for my clients.

  • How would you define the Liautaud student: Liautaud students are hungry and ambitious. They typically work harder and make sure they prove themselves time and time again.

  • Now that you've graduated, what advice do you have for current and/or prospective Liautaud Students:
    Study hard but don't miss out on the opportunities that cross your path.

  • Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the Liautaud community?
    I was a UIC Loyalty Award winner in 2010.

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