What Everybody Ought to Know About UIC Liautaud Admissions

This fall has been a very successful recruiting season. We are already starting to receive 2014 applications from across the United States and from all over the world. As I talk to applicants, one question that comes up often is: "What are some things I can do to be successful in the admissions process?" Here are my thoughts on this:

1) Do come to information sessions on campus or online. Information session attendees gain inside information about what we are looking for in the admissions process. I cannot stress this enough! We deep dive with attendees about the different parts of the application, including the personal statement, the resume/work history, and letters of recommendation. I provide real insider tips that cannot be found on our web site. These sessions also serve as a great way to prepare applicants for the admissions interview. This brings me to the my next point...

2) The MBA Interview is a key factor in our admission decision. We want to gauge both your communication skills and how well-researched you are about our program. Be able to describe your career plan and future goals, why an MBA and why an MBA from UIC Liautaud, what you can bring to our community; and give specific examples of your achievements. As with any professional interview you want to arrive in advance to collect your thoughts, look presentable and dress in appropriate business attire.

3) Engage with us! We are very high touch with our applicants and like to get to know you! Make an appointment to meet with us or let us arrange for you to sit in on a class. Each semester we offer mock classes; and we offer prospective students the opportunity to attend classes with one of our Student Ambassadors. Schedule an appointment with our career director to find things you can do right now to get started and find out how UIC Liautaud can help you achieve your career goals. Applicants who are highly engaged during the admissions process really standout in the applicant pool. Often, these applicants are viewed as being really enthusiastic about UIC Liautaud and are candidates who will likely carry this enthusiasm with them as they enter the program and be active in our student organizations.

4) Do make sure to review both the UIC Liautaud website and blog. These sites are loaded with great content about new courses that are being offered, student activities held off campus, funding opportunities, interview/career days so that you can get a feel for what employers are coming to campus and much more! Most importantly, our admissions blog and and sites provide detailed information about our test score requirements and other admissions criteria. We provide clear direction about our admissions criteria and give resources to assist you, such as our free practice GMAT exams.

The big take away for all prospective students is simple: PREPARE, RESEARCH, AND ENGAGE! Take the first step. Join us at our information session this Saturday. This session is our last one of the year, so I hope to see you there if you are serious about applying to grad school in 2014.


UIC Liautaud Information Session - last admissions event in 2013! 

Saturday, November 16, from 9:30am-11:00am

UIC Douglas Hall