UIC Business Establishes Get to Graduation Fund

UIC Business Establishes Get to Graduation FundIn a given year, more than one hundred UIC Business students find themselves in a sudden, precarious financial situation that prevents them from graduating on schedule. Medical emergencies, disruptions in family income and other unplanned events transpire, and students who would otherwise be graduating in a semester or two are stuck in financial limbo.  Assistant Dean of Students Angela Prazza estimates that $250 to $500 can determine whether these students graduate on time.


To ensure that students are not held back from graduation by financial emergency, UIC Business has established a new fund. The Get to Graduation Fund will provide grants to students who have exhausted their financial aid options and are within a semester or two of graduation. Grants will be awarded on a one-time basis to qualified students to cover the cost of attendance at UIC.


Upon learning about the need for this type of support among UIC Business students, alumna Michelle Jonson MBA ’01 was moved to provide a lead donation for the fund. “As a first-generation college student who made it through with student loans and various part-time jobs, I understand how a short-term setback might be enough for a student to get discouraged. I am hoping the assistance this fund can provide will remind students that this effort is worth it and can shape the rest of their lives.”


Support the Get to Graduation Fund.