UIC NextGen Lab Launch Recap: Why SAP chose UIC

Thursday, November 16, marked the launch of SAP’s Next-Gen Lab here at UIC. The launch event and accompanying Blockchain Bootcamp gave great insight into the vision for the partnership. This innovative lab will give teams of students from various disciplines the opportunity to be on the ground floor of today’s most disruptive technology. UIC Business students will work alongside engineers, designers, as well as students from other fields across the university, to develop smart solutions for companies throughout the Chicago area.


Leveraging the latest SAP technology, the Next-Gen Lab at UIC will serve as a knowledge center,  developing impactful solutions for the real world. This launch event highlighted many crucial aspects of SAP Next-Gen Innovation, and SAP Senior Vice-President & Managing Director Rocky Subramanian took the time to elaborate on what made UIC the obvious choice.


According to Subramanian, a bustling B2B startup scene and strong investment from the city of Chicago were just two of the factors impacting SAP’s decision to launch the partnership with UIC. Now embarking on a groundbreaking venture with Chicago’s public research institution and No. 1 ranked undergraduate business school, SAP hopes to establish a relationship that grows as the years go on.


Companies will have the opportunity to submit applications to work with SAP’s Next-Gen Lab, where UIC and SAP are committed to cultivating an environment that will produce specific and effective solutions.


Following Subramanian’s insightful speech, Nitin Kalé, Associate Professor of Engineering Practice at the University of Southern California, gave the audience an opportunity to learn about the foundation of Blockchain technology in his Blockchain Bootcamp. His insights built anticipation among the audience as students, professors, and faculty members offered questions and input. Kalé touched on potential applications, advantages, and challenges of Blockchain technology in today’s world.


More details will be forthcoming as a physical location for the lab is being finalized, but one thing is for sure, the SAP Next-Gen Lab here at UIC will be at the forefront exploring this new realm of opportunity for years to come.