Admission Made Easy: Get on the fast track to UIC Business Graduate Admission

UIC Business offers a collection of preferred and guaranteed graduate admissions programs that put qualified students on the fast track to admission. Whether you are an aspiring Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Marketing, or Master of Science in Management Information Systems, you may be eligible for one of these highly respected programs. An advanced degree continues to be one of the most highly coveted resume builders in an increasingly competitive environment, and a master’s degree from UIC Business can help you stand out from the crowd.

The Guaranteed Admission programs give UIC and UIUC students or recent graduates who meet specific GPA and credit requirements guaranteed acceptance into a number of master's level programs. For more information and details on qualifications, visit the UIC Business Course Catalog.

I caught up with Andrea Jimenez, an MSA student  who was granted guaranteed admission through the Guaranteed Admission to the MSA (GAMSA) program. Andrea completed her undergraduate education here at UIC, and she will join Deloitte’s audit practice next September. Here is what she had to say about her admissions experience:

Q: Do you feel as though GAMSA made your admission process easier? If so, how?

Andrea: GAMSA definitely made the admission process easier for me. It was very simple application process, and nice to not have to worry about small details, such as transcript or GMAT score submissions--details which might seem trivial, but actually save quite a bit of time.


Q: What were some of the advantages you enjoyed as a result of receiving guaranteed admission?

Andrea: The process was faster than going through regular admissions. The process was easy and some items are waived (e.g. GMAT examinations), so I didn't have to worry about planning and preparing for those during the semester when my workload was already quite large. Moreover, meeting the GPA required for GAMSA also made me eligible to apply for a Teaching Assistant position, which was a plus.

Q: Were you aware of Guaranteed Admissions programs throughout the application process?

Andrea: Yes, I had several friends who went through Guaranteed Admissions programs, both from UIC Business (as well as from other colleges), so I was glad to have known about the program prior to applying.


Q: Did qualifying for GAMSA affect your graduate school choice?


Andrea: GAMSA played a pretty big role in my decision. Not only did I enjoy my undergrad experience here at UIC, but the fact that GAMSA was available helped to get rid of the additional stress that comes with any college or graduate school application process. That was a big deal for me, especially given the busy schedule I was juggling at the time.


Thank you to Andrea for her insight!


An advanced degree could be just the competitive advantage you need in an increasingly competitive environment, explore our guaranteed admissions programs and get on the fast track to your advanced degree.