Resume and Cover Letter Workshop for Consulting Industry Candidates

Thank you to Yongming Liu and Mark Sciacca, of the Graduate Student Consulting Club, for contributing this post. 

On April 6th,  the UIC Graduate Student Consulting Club (GSCC) hosted a resume and cover letter workshop with Ms. Pamela Schilling.  Attendees included UIC Liautaud MBA students and other graduate students across the university aspiring to pursue careers in the consulting arena.

During the four-hour workshop, UIC students learned how to convey their academic skills on to a resume and cover letter, as well as how to prepare for a consulting interview. Students were also given tips on how to succeed in these interviews.


In the resume deep dive section, Ms. Schilling taught the attendees how to tailor their resume in order to help stand out among other candidates.  Focusing on key points such as formatting, problem solving skills, and language were just a few of the topics discussed.  Students were presented the opportunity to review three resume examples and receive feedback on their resumes that were already constructed.

In the cover letter section, Ms. Schilling instructed the attendees on the basic fundamentals of cover letters.  By focusing on best in class elements, these students are poised to make a connection with the consulting firms which they desire to work for.

Improving traits such as attitude, thought process, and public speaking skills are the first steps towards a successful career in consulting.

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