Recognizing Excellence: Celebrating Liautaud Student Achievement

The UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business hosted the first Recognizing Excellence ceremony on Friday, May 4th at Douglas Hall. The event was a celebration of student excellence in academic achievement, honors, and service within Liautaud and the wider community. It was a successful reception with over 80 current and graduating students, their families, alumni, faculty, and staff in attendance.   Guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as they mingled before and after the award presentation.


Dean Michael Pagano presented five Liautaud Student Recognition Awards to students nominated by one or more of their peers. These awards celebrated the spirit of students that go above and beyond to make an impact and contribute to the Liautaud experience or the wider community. 

The three award categories included: 

  • Liautaud Leadership Award - Honors a Liautaud student who has demonstrated leadership in one or more campus and/or student developed project(s) and/or student organizations leading to the success of the initiative or organization.
  • Liautaud Community Impact Award-Honors a Liautaud student who has made an outstanding contribution to the wider community by dedicating a significant amount of time, effort and creativity to one or more community service project(s) or organization(s). The honoree’s volunteer activities in a community setting will demonstrate an outstanding level of caring, dedication and selfless commitment to others.
  • Liautaud Innovation Award - Honors a Liautaud student whose contribution has led to the creation of a new project, new program, or new service to address a need in the University or Liautaud community

Congratulations to the students acknowledged at the Liautaud Recognizing Excellence ceremony and to the nominees and winners of the Liautaud Student Recognition Awards! 

Liautaud Leadership Award Winners:   Jill Kozeluh and Jocelyn Mohr

Liautaud Community Impact Award Winners:   Zac Bleicher and Liz Peschges

Liautaud Innovation Award Winner:   Dominic Blank

Zac Bleicher, Jocelyn Mohr, Jill Kozeluh, and Liz Peschges

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