MSAA Volunteers Serve Our Community at Crib Youth Shelter

Thank you to MSAA VP of Finance, Layla Yuan Tian, for contributing this post.

After the March volunteer event at Lincoln Park Community Shelter, MSAA provided our services to the Crib Youth Shelter of The Night Ministry on in early April 5. It was our second visit to the shelter since last semester.

Three of our board members (Vivian, Danni and Layla) did the grocery shopping together in the early evening.  Thanks to Danni (MSAA Treasurer), our group had a clean, spacious and fully equipped kitchen to prepare the food. Our volunteers gathered at the kitchen and shared information about their cooking skills.


Taking both taste and nutritional balance into consideration, our menu included BBQ chicken drumsticks, spaghetti with ground beef, spaghetti with zucchini and mozzarella cheese, and vegetable salad.

We spent the next two hours busily chopping, boiling, stirring and frying! Then we came to our final stage-wrapping. Thomas joined in the middle of cooking and with his help, we grabbed some taxi cabs immediately after the food was cooked to transport it to the shelter.  We raced to the shelter and made it on time to deliver a hot, home-cooked meal that the shelter residents loved!


MSAA would like to thank all the volunteers who kindly devoted their time and energy to prepare a delicious, homemade meal for the shelter residents at the Crib shelter. MSAA is expecting to hold similar volunteer events to get members involved in contributing to the Chicagoland community.

MSAA volunteer team: Chaohui Chang, Layla Tian, Cai Zhao, Danni Zheng, Vivian Zhang and Thomas Lagor