MBAA Volunteers Serve Great Tastes at Lincoln Park Community Shelter

Thank you to Lucy Skultetyova, MBAA Community Service Chair, for contributing this posting.

The spring semester is in full swing and MBAA got back to “work” last month. On February 9, a group of MBAA members volunteered at the Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS) to offer their cooking skills. MBAA has been successfully volunteering in the shelter for over 2 years shopping for lunch and then cooking up a hot meal. Demand for being on the volunteering team was strong, so we were happy to see that our MBAA members were so eager to give back to community.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Vicky and Lucy stopped at a grocery store to purchase all the necessary supplies for the delicious menu.  The remainder of the volunteering group was at the shelter when the groceries arrived. Everybody was excited to help and the cooking started right away! First, we needed to prepare all ingredients for creamy tomato soup. Everybody was busy at work: Landon, Rebecca and Soon chopped, while Lesley and Liz prepared the Panini sandwiches, and Nitin and Vicky worked on dessert. Everything came together beautifully as the soup was simmering on the stove, the turkey and ham Panini sandwiches were toasting in the oven, and the caramel brownies were poured into the baking pan.


At 1:30 pm, the volunteers started serving lunch. The LPCS residents were waiting in the dining room, eager to taste the creation.  The homemade, creamy tomato soup received many compliments from the residents!  Everybody enjoyed the tasty food, nobody got burned J and the student group had lots of fun.


Thank you to all our MBAA volunteers: Vicky Cambray, Landon Kelly, Rebecca Meyer, Soon Oh Kwon, Nitin Agrawal, Lesley Cochran, Elizabeth Holly, & Lucy Skultetyova!