MBAA Community Service at Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS)

Thank you to Dominic Blank for submitting this post.

On Saturday, January 21st, eight MBAA members gathered at LPCS to cook and serve food for those who temporarily call the LPCS their home. The LPCS is a comprehensive social service agency serving adult men and women who are experiencing homelessness. Located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, the LPCS has been providing shelter and other basic needs to their homeless neighbors for 25 years. Other than providing interim housing, the LPCS also offers meals and a targeted array of social services. 


Early on Saturday morning, three brave MBAA volunteers met to purchase groceries and carry  numerous bags from Fullerton / Sheffield over to the LPCS on Fullerton / Geneva- with perceived negative 15 degrees and a cold wind blowing (maybe we exaggerate a little bit...). That was true commitment and dedication! 


Once at the LPCS, the great crew of first year and second year MBAA volunteers enjoyed preparing that day's items on the menu: Chili con carne, muffin corn bread, salad and "cupcakes a la Sophia Bamiatzis". According to the approximately 24 women and men who we served that day, the food was greatly enjoyed with many asking for a second and third helping. 

 Cooking Some Good Eats!

While the main focus of all efforts revolved around preparing a hot meal for those staying at the LPCS, it was impressive to observe the passion and detail orientation select MBAA volunteers applied to icing the cupcakes! Vance Chen and his wife (thumbs up for getting your family involved!) seemed to have great talent at this.  
Cupcake Icing Mastery Class

Throughout the whole event, the volunteers shared a lot of laughter, stories and experiences. It was great to see everyone get to know each other a little better while making a true difference in the community. The impact LGSB students have by engaging in events like this at the LPCS is evident in many different ways: the appreciation voiced by those we serve, the many smiles we received, and the true thankfulness that is written all over their faces. 


A big applause and thanks to MBAA volunteers Adrienne Nadeau, Jocelyn Mohr, Robert Rank, Vance Chen (and wife), Lesley Cochran, Lucia Skultetyova, Sophia Bamiatzis and Dominic Blank. Way to go!

Wonderful LGSB Volunteers!

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