GMARK & Net Impact Present Conscious Communication: Marketing for NonProfit and Sustainable Organizations

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On Friday, February 10th the Graduate Marketing Association (GMARK) and Net Impact joined forces to host Conscious Communication: Marketing for NonProfit and Sustainable Organizations at the UIC Innovation Center.  Although weather conditions were less than favorable, those that "weathered the storm" were able to gain valuable insight on the practices and pressures associated with marketing for this unique sector.

UIC's very own Professor Cheryl Nakata served as our moderator, and Panelists included representatives from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Chicago Slam Works, Mightybytes and  Whether their company has been in business for 6 months, or over 60 years, each panelist was able to provide our attendees with an insider's view to their marketing strategies.  For example, nonprofit marketing often requires selling an intangible emotion or feeling that may not have a physical product to back it up.  As a result, it is important to communicate an experience and use tools such as testimonials from reputable parties to deliver a message.

Attendees also learned about a new type of company called a "B" Corporation.  One of the participants, Mightybytes, is one of eleven "B" Corporations in Illinois.  A "B" Corporation legally incorporates into the organization a focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit).  Certified B corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment. These are companies that seek to affect positive social change by putting social and environmental responsibility at the heart of their corporate structure, and are still a for-profit organization.

Our panelists also had some words of wisdom to share with our audience including the importance of diversifying oneself with writing, marketing and technical skills, all of which are vital to be successful in the realm of marketing.  In addition, we learned that solid marketing for a cause includes creating a transformative experience and being very creative with limited resources.

After the panel concluded, attendees had the opportunity to mingle and network with our panelists as well as with their peers and other guests.  GMARK and Net Impact would like to once again thank our panelists as well as all of our guests in attendance.  With your continued support, we hope to continue to bring high quality events to our peers here at UIC.

Professor Cheryl Nakata starting off the question session with panelists.

Panelists:  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Mightybytes,, Chicago Slam Works

Alumni enjoying the panel event.  Thank you for coming!


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