Arriving to the Present, Part 2: Deliberation of Dreams

Continued from Arriving to the Present, Part 1: Pursue Passion--

Fast forward a year, I’m working for the world’s most admired company in consumer electronics and back at square one in my mind. I find myself in a position where I’m granted the flexibility I need to enjoy myself and travel, but my life is revolving in what feels like a sphere of slow progress. So naturally, I decide to go back to school. And the limitless option cycle began again!

Maybe I should do skill-based? Massage Therapy!

No, theology. I love God. Why not Seminary? about furthering my Spanish studies? Mmm, yes, that sounds like a legitimate plan.

Time to study for the GRE..

And just like that, I refocused and pursued.

What would one do with a Master's degree in Hispanic Studies or Spanish Literature? I’ll have to go all the way. I will be Dr. Keila Harris... professor of AfroLatino Studies. There’s a sense of security in knowing where you will be and what you will be doing for five years. I’m accustomed to being in school, so there’s no need to transition. I love Spanish culture and traveling, so...perfect.

My “perfect” plan came crashing down when I shared my plan with Sandra Finley, the CEO of the League of Black Women, (a complete stranger to me at the time) who in response to my plan simply said, “Young lady, I don’t know much about you, but from what I can tell, your plan is what makes sense to you.”

Guilty. I chose sensibility over passion! Again I asked myself, “What do you want?”

Note: Sometimes it’s easier to eliminate the things you do not want to better define what it is you do want.

I want to spearhead change. I want to develop new programs and innovative solutions, delegate responsibility and troubleshoot problems in an ever-evolving system. Essentially, I’d like to own something of my own one day. Entrepreneurship...







Business School. Where? The Liautaud Graduate School of Business at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Why? Liautaud has a reputation to develop decision makers, independent thinkers, and innovative initiators. Therefore, Liautaud is my perfect fit. A fit that feeds my passion. A fit that gives me the tools to realize the dreams I have deliberated for years. Chicago is the prime location for me because my family lives nearby, and I'd love to work in that beautiful skyline that distinguishes the incomparable beauty of the city.

Before launching out on my own, I'll need experience in the working world to build my credibility and professional network. UIC Liautaud is giving my dreams tangibility I can assess, specifically name and pursue. And Career Services Director, Jeff Wilson, is there to help me strategize and stay on task. The accountability gives me the inspiration I need to take the steps necessary to continue the journey with confidence.

I hope some of the things I learn along the way are resourceful to my readers. Stay tuned to my blog for more!