Student Organization Spotlight: Flames Consulting Group (FCG)

For the past year, UIC Business students have been working together to expose the student body to the world of consulting. So far, FCG Consulting has brought in professionals from companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Roland Berger, and McKinsey to speak with students about how to make a great career in consulting. Members had the opportunity to work on a case and present it to professionals at Accenture, an experience with lessons that go beyond UIC Business.

FCG Consulting has only been at UIC for a year and they are excited to continue growing and building a more well-rounded and diverse organization. They were also mentioned in the 2020 Dean’s Report.
What is the vision of FCG & how did the journey start at UIC?
Back in September 2018, senior Karina Utyuzh had noticed that UIC students were deeply interested in pursuing a career in consulting and there was not a specific student organization which was helping in building consulting specific resources. As a sophomore at the time, she decided to take initiative and build from the ground up UIC’s first and only consulting student organization. Now, Utyuzh serves as the President of FCG Consulting and credits her organization's success to the Executive Board team and each faculty member, alumni, professional, and the students who have helped us on this journey.

FCG Consulting’s mission is to help UIC students grow and develop as a professional and person in order to kickstart their careers in consulting post-graduation. “My only wish, not as President but as the Founder, is that this message continues to live on for generations to come. FCG Consulting really does do so much to support our members in getting those real world skills that they need to be successful” said Utyuzh.

It seems like Utyuzh’s wish is coming to fruition - FCG Consulting events have consistently exceeded members’ and the executive board team members’ expectations.
What is the highlight of your association with FCG?
Senior and Vice President of FCG Consulting, Deekshitha Jaligama, has noticed the impact and importance of the events that FCG Consulting hosts in her personal work ethic. “I believe that FCG has one of the strongest executive teams - they really are the foundation of the organization. In working with a team that always shows commitment and perseverance, I have been motivated to work harder” said Jaligama.

Through the panel events and networking sessions, students have been able to practice their soft skills - like building interpersonal relationships, adaptability, confidence - and improve on them. The lessons that students have learned from FCG events have added a tremendous value to UIC Business. With the help of events like alumni panels, networking nights, and weekly case curriculum workshops, our team makes sure that every single FCG member gets the best experience to learn, meet new professionals, and continue developing their promising skillsets.
How important do you think it is to be a part of a student organization at UIC?
“I believe there is a lot you can gain from being part of student organizations like FCG Consulting. It’s a great way to demonstrate your leadership skills, take on responsibilities and learn about time management by balancing school, work and organizations. It prepares you for your professional career, where you will have multiple deadlines, meetings to attend to and managers to report to, all at once.  More than professional gains, you identify strengths and weaknesses as well. You can become better at public speaking, improve your networking skills, everything you need, to succeed in your career” said senior Sundus Shafqat, who is a senior consultant at FCG Consulting.
Since Shafqat has joined, she has gained a sense of belonging, and experienced what it’s like to be a part of a team that is working towards a common goal. For Shafqat, being a part of FCG Consulting has given her a sense of accomplishment, and has allowed her to be surrounded by motivated, brilliant, and resilient people.
Fellow executive team member, senior Adit Bhagat, who serves as the Director of Communications at FCG Consulting, also experiences a lot of personal benefits by being a part of the organization.
“Joining FCG Consulting presents many opportunities to learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths. As students, you are able to apply classroom experience at FCG, and develop leadership and people skills. The most rewarding aspect of being involved in a student organization is that you will get the opportunity to interact with your peers who have similar aspirations and a chance to build professional relationships adding immense value to the learning experience” said Bhagat.

If you’re interested in joining FCG Consulting, be sure to learn more @flamesconsulting on Instagram. To sign up to become a member, please visit and click on the “Membership Registration” tab.