Student Organization Spotlight: Beta Alpha Psi

Many students underestimate the importance of building relationships and contributing in every possible way during their time in school. UIC Business students have repeatedly heard the importance of networking and how it drives you to become a better professional. The student organizations at UIC Business provide some of the best opportunities for students to network and build lasting friendships. Ramesh Idnani and Maheen Tauseef, executive board members of the Beta Alpha Psi shared their experience to help UIC Business students understand in detail the incredible work student organizations do on campus.

What is the purpose of the Beta Alpha Psi?

Beta Alpha Psi members are academically and professionally high achieving and well-rounded individuals who are exemplary UIC Business students and our goal is to connect them to some of the most notable organizations and business professionals in the city of Chicago. 

In what direction would you like to take the organization this year?

We are aiming to be the premier international honor and service organization for financial and business information professionals. Most Beta Alpha Psi chapters have opened up their respective doors to Information Systems and Finance majors, similarly we are also opening up our chapter to Finance and Information Systems majors. We realize the importance of the integration of finance and information systems to expand across all fields in the business domain. Additionally, we also want to deliver value to our members by bringing a wide variety of companies and business professionals to campus for presentations and guest speaker events. Our target list features great organizations like IBM, PwC, EY, Google, Accenture, W.W. Grainger Inc., The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Bosch and more.

Tell us about the services Beta Alpha Psi provides & the events you organize.

There are multiple services and event opportunities including the below:

●    Career Opportunity Events: Discover and pursue career opportunities in the fields of accounting, finance, and information systems by attending our comprehensive series of Professional Presentations. This event is scheduled to take place in the beginning of the spring semester.

●    Annual Networking Breakfast: Meet and network with professionals, recruiters and faculty from leading professional services firms in a less crowded, more relaxed setting. For further details about this event, you can visit our website.

●    Company Site Visits: In the past we have had the opportunity to visit companies such as Deloitte, ORBA, National Futures Association, Google Chicago, among others.

●    Guest Speaker Events: We invite C-Suite executives to come and speak to our members so they may learn from them and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions.

●    Volunteering Opportunities: Make a difference in the community and provide your assistance to other members of the student body

●    Alumni Networking Events: Learn more about summer internships, job experiences, and get advice from fellow Members and Alumni of Beta Alpha Psi.

What was it like to be a part of the 100th year anniversary of Beta Alpha Psi?

Our national organization recently celebrated its 100th year, and our members were able to plan and participate in the conference held locally in Chicago. We were able to meet other chapters from around the world, and network with them. We also had a chance to volunteer for the community service event which was mainly sponsored by KPMG, United Ways, and Beta Alpha Psi. Additionally, Beta Alpha Psi members from around the world got together to pack 100,000 meals for the people who were in dire need for food in the city of Chicago.  One of the donation locations also included UIC Food Pantry. 

How can students get involved & what is the takeaway for them?

Our organization is primarily for Accounting, Finance, and Information Sciences students. The students that are interested in these majors can email us or further details and also visit our website for regular updates. We will also host an informational session for students to learn more about the organization and how to join. Once you are a member of Beta Alpha Psi, students are expected to attend events organized for the members. Our expectations revolve around the fact that these events will help the students to grow professionally, gain confidence as a professional, understand the importance of networking, and creating connections whether it be with industry professionals or with other members of the university.

What is the highlight of your association with Beta Alpha Psi?

The highlight of our association with Beta Alpha Psi would be the people we have met thanks to the association. These individuals have helped shape us as an individual and in the process pushed to improve. In short, what we are today is thanks to Beta Alpha Psi and what we become tomorrow will be credited to this learning as well.

Lastly, how important do you think it is to be a part of a student organization at UIC?

Being a part of a student organization at UIC is an important part of your complete business school experience. Students can find it difficult to find the right resources, network and make friends while commuting to college on a daily basis thereby the association with a student organization is the best way to succeed in that. Not only do they provide the resources needed to succeed in your professional career, they can give you some of the best people you’ve ever met, building friendships that last a lifetime and help you build an extensive network while learning leadership and time management skills. 

Thank you to the Beta Alpha Psi team for sharing your story with us and please find below some pictures from their past events. To contact them you can find further details on the website.