Career Services Working for You

The blogging seal has been broken for Career Services!  WE watch where YOU walk so that you don’t step in it.  I hope to provide useful information for helping current and prospective students in discovering a rewarding career path, land that job (that’s why we’re here, right?), as well as have an open dialogue on Chicago business and market trends. We have access to top faculty, passionate students with diverse backgrounds, and sit one ‘L’ stop away from one of the largest business centers in the world. Take advantage of it! 

CAREER SERVICES. I would first like to introduce you all to Jeffrey Wilson, Director of Career Services. His dedication is on par with those waiting for the iPhone – sans skinny jeans and unkempt facial hair. Currently, Jeff is hosting a weekly lunch titled, “The 2-Hour Job Search.”  Thankfully, he does not cook. This isn’t because he is unqualified (rumor has it he makes a mean frozen pizza), but because the office microwave has been abused too many times with Lean Cuisines.  The goal of the weekly lunches is to help current students develop a strategic framework, process, and organization to finding good job leads. The lunch is Wednesdays at noon in the Douglas Hall conference room.

So you think you have found an interesting job?  How does your resume look?  You might look good in a pantsuit, but how do you look on paper?  If you’re ready and willing to put in the time to press your pocket square, then spend the time to have a professional go through your resume.  Make an appointment with Jeff to go through your resume – do it even if you think Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, would call you personally. It’s a $400 value. It’s a sunk cost. You’re likely concentrating in finance and, hopefully, that number should make sense to you. Plus, you already paid for it. Plus, Jeff has candy. 

In the future, I will dedicate more time and words to commenting or recommending interesting business articles. To bridge the gap, check out this link from The Economist on how to write your resume.  It’ll help. And if you’re venturous enough and can read more than bullet points, emails and text messages, flip through website. It is a great non-US source for world business news.