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Only at UIC Liautaud | Improv & Leadership with Michael Popowits

Michael Popowits (left) during an improv exercise at Fall 2013 New Student Orientation.  Do interviews get your palms sweaty? Do you gravitate toward the appetizer tray at networking events because the thought of introducing yourself to a stranger is as appetizing as leftovers? Does public speaking scare you? Have you been called upon in a meeting unexpectedly and had to speak ‘off the cuff’?  If this has happened to you, take some comfort in that you are not alone. While I have been able to... read more

What does your RESUME do for you?

It’s that time of year again – no, not the one about which fad diet you will definitely hold to this year. It’s the time to start thinking about the summer (maybe the diet comment was premature) and what you will be doing once classes end. New job? Internship? Xbox training camp? If your interests lie in finding a rewarding position that will help commence and establish your professional career (and not building calluses that will let you master Call of Duty), then one of your first steps is to... read more

Career Services Working for You

The blogging seal has been broken for Career Services!  WE watch where YOU walk so that you don’t step in it.  I hope to provide useful information for helping current and prospective students in discovering a rewarding career path, land that job (that’s why we’re here, right?), as well as have an open dialogue on Chicago business and market trends. We have access to top faculty, passionate students with diverse backgrounds, and sit one ‘L’ stop away from one of the largest business centers in... read more