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What are you waiting for?

  If you are looking for an argument about why you should be on LinkedIn, you won’t get it here. I assume that if you are a student in the UIC College of Business Administration or in the Liautaud Graduate School of Business, that you are indeed interested in a job when you finish your degree. If this is not the case, stop reading now. For those that are still with me, join LinkedIn now. OK, now that everyone that is interested in working is on LinkedIn, let’s talk about a few ideas on how to... read more

The Big Four

No, I am not talking about public accounting firms. The Big Four in the MBA Career Services world refers to the four largest special-interest themed MBA organizations. They are NSHMBA, NBMBAA, NAAMBA and MBAWI. Each organization has chapters across the country and each holds an annual convention and career fair. These career fairs are a feeding frenzy for the best MBA candidates across the country and the biggest MBA employers. As you consider your job search strategy, think about adding one of... read more