Fall 2014 CRIM Student Expo

To complete the Fall 2014 semester, the CRIM Student Expo showcased a variety of projects completed by students committed to the art and science of the management of information systems. Working directly with a corporate sponsor, each team was presented with an everyday business scenario which could be improved by the implementation of information system technology.

This semester's corporate sponsors included:

CME Group

The UIC Department of Disability and Human

Language Lerner’s Academy Development and Medical Business Associates

And many others

Each team worked diligently throughout the semester on their proposed solution, which concluded in presentations to university faculty, staff, and corporate sponsors. While some teams developed solutions for the same sponsor, every approach and solution was unique and satisfied the sponsor’s requirements.


Winners of the night :


Ideal Fitness solutions

Maintenance Tracking System









Timothy Chang, Patrick Madison, Erica Ray, and Surabhi Agrawal.


LM Restaurant

Managing Restaurant Inventory/Sales Application












Parth Ganatra, Arjun Gosain, Zultaj Rahmani, and James Walwark    


        The winners taking a celebratory selfie.                     Students talking about proposed solutions.




Congratulations on to all teams! Thank you for all your hard work!

For more information about the CRIM Student Expo, please contact Kyle Cheek at kdcheek.edu.