UIC and Florida Southern College Students Get Together at BridgeUIC Event

Screenshot courtesy of Unify America

Students from UIC and Florida Southern College engaged in constructive dialogue about current political topics, on Wednesday, April 14th. This 90-minute event was the inaugural event of BridgeUIC, a multi-partisan student organization that works to promote ideological diversity and constructive engagement among UIC students. 

The event was co-sponsored by BridgeUSA and Unify America, two nonprofit organizations devoted to bringing together people with diverse worldviews to engage in constructive dialogue and problem-solving.

Student reviews were positive:

  • “I had a first impression of my [dialogue] partner that was totally wrong and I appreciated the turnaround in my perception of him. We found a lot of middle ground and I had a lot of fun.”
  • “I was surprised to see how much I had in common with my partner even though we have very different backgrounds and experiences.”
  • “Sometimes people agreed on the same policy decisions, even if their answers to the specific questions were vastly different!”

BridgeUIC will continue to meet this summer. To join or for more information, e-mail faculty advisor R.J. Souri.