Will you be at the biggest event of the year?

Mark your calendars for May 9th: the third annual MBAA Recognizing Excellence Graduation Banquet and Awards Night!

Celebrate this year's graduating class of 2014 with Dean Michael Mikhail, UIC Liautaud staff and faculty, and your fellow students! This event will recognize student excellence in achievement, honors, and participation within Liautaud and the wider community. 

Tickets for the event will be sold for $40 and will include appetizers & entrees, as well as an open bar at Hubbard Inn. Due to the limited number of tickets available, we encourage you to purchase your ticket as soon as possible. Graduating students are allowed to purchase up to 2 tickets. This event is open to all current UIC Liautaud students, faculty, and staff.

Don't forget to nominate your fellow students and vote for your favorite professor by April 10th! 


Below you can find a detailed description of the awards available for nominations.

1. Academic Excellence Award - Awarded to the student who achieved the highest degree of academic excellence at this level (selected based on highest GPA). second year student
2. Student of the Year Award - The award recognizes up to three students for their commitment to (1) character, (2) service and outstanding contributions and (3) academic achievements. second year student
3. Most Valuable Player Award - Students nominated for this award should include those who you always want to work with in class or on a group project. These nominees are hard working team players who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your team completes a project successfully. They are always willing to take on extra assignments and help others in a team. second year student
4. The Networking Expert Award - Students nominated for this award should include those who are always ready to meet new people and make new connections. Nominees should also include those who are always willing to connect friends with other professionals. second year student
5. Most Likely to Become CEO Award - Nominees for this award should include students who are ambitious and driven to working their way up the ladder. They emerge as natural leaders in professional, academic, and volunteer situations. second year student
6. Liautaud Rising Star Award - This will be awarded to rising second-year students. Nominees should include any first year student who has demonstrated significant dedication and commitment to Liautaud through academic excellence, community engagement, innovation, and/or leadership. second year student
7. Liautaud Leadership Award - Honors a Liautaud student who has demonstrated leadership in one or more campus and/or student developed project(s) and/or student organizations leading to the success of the initiative or organization. second year student
8. Liautaud Community Impact Award - Honors a Liautaud student who has made an outstanding contribution to the wider community by dedicating a significant amount of time, effort and creativity to one or more community service project(s) or organization(s). The honoree’s volunteer activities in a community setting will demonstrate an outstanding level of caring, dedication and selfless commitment to others. second year student
9. Liautaud Innovation Award - Honors a Liautaud student whose contribution has led to the creation of a new project, new program, or new service to address a need in the University or Liautaud community.
We look forward to celebrating our student successes at the MBAA Recognizing Excellence Banquet on May 9th! first year student



*Previous winners can be found here



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