UIC Liautaud Announces New Peer Mentorship Program!

Starting Fall 2014, UIC Liautaud will provide incoming students with the opportunity to have a student mentor during their first semester at UIC. 

The mentorship program aims to encourage student engagement and collaboration between new students and students who have completed at least one semester at UIC Liautaud. The program’s success will depend on student mentors, mentees, and UIC Liautaud staff taking an active role in the acclimation process. UIC Liautaud will match incoming students interested in participating in the mentoring program with a student already enrolled in one of our graduate programs (MIS, MSA, and MBA) based on criteria indicated in the match application. 

The most important task of a good mentor is to help and encourage the mentee make the most out of their UIC Liautaud experience.  Although the role of mentor is an informal one, it is of great importance and value to our incoming students.

Mentors will provide informal advice to the mentee on basic level aspects of what organizations to join, classes mentee should consider that are valuable to the student experience, and what resources to use for purchasing book, and/or studying strategies, etc. The mentor should be able and willing to provide mentee with supportive guidance and constructive feedback. 

Why be a mentor?

  • It's an easy way to get involved at UIC Liautaud with less commitment than being in a student organization, especially if you are employed full time and on campus only a day or two every week
  • Expand your network
  • Have the opportunity to assist in the development of the new students
  • Practice your soft skills
  • Add a leadership role to your resume, which always looks good when applying to a new job!


What it takes to be a mentor: 

  • Must have at least one semester completed at UIC Liautaud 
  • Commit to checking in with mentee in person twice a semester
  • Be available and accessible to mentee via email throughout the course of his/her first semester
  • RSVP to beginning of semester social where you will be introduced to your mentee and have the opportunity to network with the other mentors


UIC Liautaud is looking for current students to mentor the incoming class, if you are interested in being part of this exciting new program, please fill out this brief survey.