Inside Scoop From the Director of Corporate Engagement in Career Services

A few weeks ago I sat down with Myriam Del Angel-Miranda, Director of Corporate Engagement in Career Services, to find out the inside scoop about the newly expanded staff of the Business Career Center over the summer.  I headed over to Douglas Hall, and was ready to find out why the change? What’s the future for Career Services? And what does this mean for UIC Liautaud students? First I asked Myriam to tell us a little bit about herself and how she landed her current role at UIC’s College of Business Administration. Read on to see what I've uncovered!



      Fun Facts:

      Born and raised in Chicago

      Completed the 2013 Chicago Marathon

      Bilingual (English/Spanish)

      Co-Founder & CEO of Latino Cultural Academy, a cultural program for Latino Heritage for kids that meets on campus at UIC every Saturday


Can you start off with telling us a little bit about yourself?

"Actually my story starts right here at UIC. I started my undergraduate degree here and studied at UIC for three years before transferring to Northeastern IL University. While I was at UIC, I realized I wanted to focus my studies on Human Resources Development, which UIC didn't offer, so I had no choice but to transfer to another school that offered the program I was looking for. After completing my undergraduate degree, I started working at Arthur Anderson as an HR Coordinator. Then, I worked at Microsoft for four years, Accenture for five years, PwC, Deloitte, and finally Ernst & Young before coming here to UIC."

How did you end up working at UIC?

“With my previous jobs, I was traveling most of the time to recruit for the company I was working for. After a while that gets tiresome, especially when you have children, and I started to look at opportunities that would offer me more stability in my life. I was familiar with UIC, having gone here to school and also holding multiple jobs on campus as a student, so it was top of mind when I began my search. An opportunity for a part time job at the university caught my eye and I applied for it. When I came for the interview, I was asked if I would be willing to consider a full time job opportunity. So of course I said yes! I'm extremely excited to be back at UIC!”

What direction do you see Career Services going? What is the vision of the Corporate Engagement division?

"Our goal for this spring is to design programs that help students get on the right career path and that continuously develop their skills in order to prepare them for jobs after graduation. Thinking about securing a job is not something you do in your last semester of your studies, it is something you design into your day-to-day life from the moment you step foot on campus. Our programs are aiming to do just that: get students to think about their careers early on and develop their soft skills as time goes on. In addition, we are trying to bring more companies to campus in order to present our students with more job opportunities. We are engaging companies by saying 'Look, we have great students just down the block from your company, this can be a great value to your company - it saves you time and money that it would take to travel to other schools.' One of UIC’s greatest assets is its location- it is in close proximity to major corporations. This makes our students more readily available to companies and their schedules are more flexible since they don’t have to commute."

What are the strategic goals for the Corporate Engagement group?

What I am working on currently is building relationships with strong companies. Some of my strategies include inviting companies to come to campus and asking them to advise our students or come teach a class on 'Latest trends in the Industry' or similar topics. What I am trying to do is create opportunities for companies to come and interact with our students and engage students early in their careers. This allows companies to have priority when it comes to scoping out talent early on and in return, students get an opportunity to build relationships with companies they want to work at one day. I am trying to nurture the relationships we already have and also build new ones. The Corporate Engagement team is also speaking to companies showing them why they should choose UIC Business students."

What is critical info students should know about?

"Students should understand that “leadership” is more significant than GPA, according to current trends in business. What sets you apart from everyone else is what defines you outside of your grades. Companies want to see that you've worked in various groups and want to see organizations you are  involved with. As a student, it is your responsibility to show passion and innovation on your resume if you want to be at the top of recruiters' lists."

What are the differences between graduate students and undergraduate students when it comes to career trajectory?

"There are positive things about both types of students. With graduate students, they have experience in the working field so it is easier for them to get jobs because they have acquired skills. However, with undergraduates or graduates that have little work experience, they are more open to opportunities and willing to take internships which can be extremely beneficial in the long run, and often easier to secure a job at a dream company. As a student, you have to think about what you can bring to the table, whether that's schedule flexibility, salary flexibility, work experience, etc. and play that up to companies you are trying to work for."

Our students are always short on time. If you had to prioritize one task, what would you say that would be?

"Make an appointment to come and see the Business Career Center! We know you are busy, we know you are having a hard time prioritizing your studies and personal life, but your career shouldn't take a backseat. Come and see us and we can make a plan on how to integrate your career goals with your studies. We do the hard work for you; we make sure you have the right materials and information to put you in the best position for securing jobs and internships."

Why should students use career services?

"Statistics show that you have a higher percent of finding a job using Career Services than [searching] on your own! Also when you do get an interview through the Business Career Center, we can guide you through the interview process. We prepare you, we connect you with alumni that are working at the company, and we put in more effort to see you succeed. You have an entire team working for you to make sure you look good. If you were doing this on your own, you would be trying to research companies on your own, worrying how you’re going to do, and wondering what types of questions the company will be asking you. We take a lot of the guessing out of the interview- we make sure you are prepared on all fronts. "

How can students find jobs/internships?

1. UIC Careers - The university receives on average 60 NEW JOB LISTINGS A DAY! We look at those listing and see which ones pertain to our business students and post them on our website. Our database gets updated every day, so keep checking it if you don't find what you are looking for the first time.

2. Networking - look up alumni from UIC on LinkedIn and see which ones are currently working for a company you want to work for

3. this is a really great website, the only problem is that it is nationwide and often times hundreds of people apply for the same position.

Any final words to UIC Business students?

"We are here!
We are Excited!
Use our Services!"


What does this mean for UIC Liautaud students?

As you can see Myriam has worked at various reputable firms; this translates to an extensive network that she has built and maintained throughout the years and is now available to UIC Business students through the Corporate Engagement group within the Business Career Center. Myriam’s new team is equipped to help you plan your career path -- whether it’s to acquire a position at a big firm or an internship, or to prepare and connect you with companies to succeed. As a student, this information is critical when trying to find a job and starting your career.

Our challenge to you:

With the end of the year approaching, make signing up for an appointment with the Business Career Center your New Year's resolution and actively take charge of your career goals! What do you have to lose?




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