Be Effective When You Study!

Now that the semester is coming to an end, many of us are gauging our success in our classes. We all want to know how that final is going to help or hurt us. So we sleep little, eat the worst food, and become an emotional mess once when the lovely week of finals comes by. Last semester, however, has taught me an invaluable lesson about studying and time management that actually has allowed me to not feel those terrible symptoms of "end of the semester disease" this semester. 

1. I stopped thinking about studying as a chore. I personally hate the thought of cleaning because it is exhausting and takes time out of my day that I could do something else. Studying should not be in the same category. It should be seen as an opportunity to become closer to your dreams. 

2. Where you study matters! I used to study in my room a lot. That was  a huge mistake. Within an hour of studying I would be sound asleep. Choose a place where you can think clearly and still feel comfort. For some that may still be their bedroom. For others, like me that may be a coffee shop, or a study area on campus. 

3.It will not hurt you to turn off the phone and stay off the internet. I,personally, understand that if my phone is on, I am going to want to look at Facebook and Instagram. I would even justify it by saying "only a few minutes" which turns into fifteen very quickly. So, I advise anyone who enjoys looking at social media to omit from this pleasure when trying to study.

Making better habits for yourself can truly be a challenge. However it is highly possible. There are many people who have made the mistake of allowing poor habits to dictate the outcome of their educational career. Everyday is a new day. Therefore, everyday is a new opportunity to be better than before. I attached a story about one student who realized this change. He had a 1.57 GPA his first semester of college. Then, he changed his habits and it now obtaining a masters degree in History.

Also, I added one of the videos that really helped me learn some better habits for myself.