Gabrielle Harkins

Be Effective When You Study!

Now that the semester is coming to an end, many of us are gauging our success in our classes. We all want to know how that final is going to help or hurt us. So we sleep little, eat the worst food, and become an emotional mess once when the lovely week of finals comes by. Last semester, however, has taught me an invaluable lesson about studying and time management that actually has allowed me to not feel those terrible symptoms of "end of the semester disease" this semester.  1. I stopped... read more

Solitude...Builds Better Leaders?

Currently, I am in University Hall on the second floor. The sun is giving the lounge area an ambiance of serenity. People around reading and enjoying refreshments from the coffee shop on the first floor. I honestly have never felt so relaxed. This is my first time coming to University Hall for some time alone--or spending alone time at all for that matter. Over the weekend, I read on the importance spending time alone, critical thinking and its correlation to leadership. All three of these... read more