For the Ladies - The Power Outfit

Hello my UIC Ladies! 

I know that many of us just finished swapping our resumes for company business cards ( from the Business Career Center's Spring 2015 Career Fair! I hope many of you had a chance to chat with lots of companies and hopefully snag some interviews for spring/summer internships. As you're waiting for that phone call/ follow-up email reply, you should start thinking wardrobe REVAMP! 

"Gaby, why would we think that?" Once those interviews start getting scheduled, the number one thing that crosses our mind is what to wear. The reason being is because ladies have a variety of attire options to choose from and colors to combine with! Also, nothing adds a boost of confidence than a power outfit.   

What's a power outfit? Imagine what a woman CEO would wear to an important meeting or event. Personally, I imagine Olivia Pope's wardrobe from the popular show Scandal! For yourself, what would be your ideal outfit, so you can walk in to an interview and dominate. The power outfit exists for 3 reasons: 

1. A go-to outfit that you can have ready and know you'll feel comfortable in. 

2. Once you've coordinated all your accessories perfectly, you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel FABULOUS about yourself. 

3. The outfit shouts, "I mean Business." Therefore, an employer will be able to visualize your potential as a young professional. 

A power outfit should be business professional. Business professional means either a lady suit or a blazer with a matching skirt or dress pants. "But Gaby, where do I start?" In my opinion, start with what you have in your closet and work from there. In my closet, I had the shoes, pants, and blouse. I just had to go out and buy the blazer to match. 

A few basics for a power outfit are: 

1. Blazer 

Make sure you pick a color and texture you can coordinate with. Your blazer should fit you perfectly or it's not worth the buy! Blazers can be mix and matched with various outfits outside of business professional. Great investment! 

2. Skirt or pants?

 Most women prefer the pencil skirt for their business professional outfits. I'd argue that an A line skirt or pleated skirt would be a great fit as well. As for the skirt vs pants debate, it all depends on the weather, your comfort, and any personal preferences.

3. The Blouse

Popular business professional blouses are the white button up, polka dots, or striped. A few suggestion would be to pick a blouse that can be paired with a piece of statement jewelry. Statement jewelry that stand out in a complementary way such as the gold chains in the first and last image below. 

4. Flats vs Heels

This debate is one I go through every single time I dress professionally. Will I be on my feet all day or sitting around? Will I be presenting/speaking or just attending an event? Will I be going from one spot to another? If I wear heels, I always bring flats or shoes to wear outside depending on the weather. I'm sure many ladies think they can work heels like they're a runway model; however, any heel taller than 3 inches is not good for your feet. 

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Any outfit wouldn't be the same without the statement pieces! The pearl earrings and necklace. The silver watch. The necklace with the sapphire pendant. See what you can utilize in your jewelry box to accentuate your power outfit.  

Now go through your closet, mix and match, and shop until you find your power outfit! 


Here are a few more tips from Levo League on how to up your closet and professionalism this year. 

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