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For the Ladies - The Power Outfit

Hello my UIC Ladies!  I know that many of us just finished swapping our resumes for company business cards (http://blog.business.uic.edu/business-cards-101) from the Business Career Center's Spring 2015 Career Fair! I hope many of you had a chance to chat with lots of companies and hopefully snag some interviews for spring/summer internships. As you're waiting for that phone call/ follow-up email reply, you should start thinking wardrobe REVAMP!  "Gaby, why would we think that?" Once those... read more

Business Cards 101

Welcome to Business Cards 101! In this crash course, you will know all there is needed to know about business cards.    Materials:  1. A company you will buy from  (Vistaprint is recommended because they have lots of deals like 100 cards for $8!)  *Click on deals to see what we are talking about ;)  2. Your bio shortened to a few sentences/phrases 3. Money to purchase the cards 4. A business card holder (nice, but not needed)  5. Networking skills, so you can actually put these cards to use! ... read more

Studying business in a different country? An experience of a lifetime

 Like what you see? This was my view of the Shanghai skyline on a boat tour when I was studying abroad last semester (Spring 2015). A few of my peers and I would like to share our advice on how to make studying abroad a reality for YOU. Studying business in a different country adds profound value to your personal experience and your business education. Everyday, you are learning something new: whether how to say Finance in the native language or the way business meetings are conducted in that... read more