Come Join the Finance and Investment Group

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get more involved on campus? Are you looking to learn more about career fields in finance? Do you want to meet successful professionals and listen to what they have to say? Then join the Finance and Investment Group! FIG is a dedicated student organization that wants to provide students a glimpse into the real world by offering various workshops, professional speakers, stock game challenges, corporate field trips and much more. I have been part of FIG... read more

Tim Weithers Insight Into Trading Derivatives

Last week during Finance and Investment Group (FIG) professional event, Tim Weithers, executive director at Chicago Trading Company was here at UIC to talk to students about derivatives markets. He is also the author of “Foreign Exchange: A Practical Guide to the FX Markets” which was published in August 2006. Mr. Weithers received his PhD in Economics from University of Chicago. He started working as an Assistant Professor at Fordham University in New York. He then started working for the... read more

Have You Heard About The Free Tutorials at CME Training Lab?

For the next few weeks there will be free tutorial sessions on the R programming language and Bloomberg in Douglas Hall CME Training Lab taught by professor John Miller. Why you should attend these tutorials?
  • Great way to add it to your resume and set yourself apart from other candidates.
  • One of the hottest topics in business field now.
  • You can utilize these skills in your internship or job.
  • If you are taking a course that uses one of the programs then, these tutorials can be great resources to...
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Be Effective When You Study!

Now that the semester is coming to an end, many of us are gauging our success in our classes. We all want to know how that final is going to help or hurt us. So we sleep little, eat the worst food, and become an emotional mess once when the lovely week of finals comes by. Last semester, however, has taught me an invaluable lesson about studying and time management that actually has allowed me to not feel those terrible symptoms of "end of the semester disease" this semester.  1. I stopped... read more

Erika Olson's Lessons From An Unexpected Career

On Wednesday, April 16, my fellow Business Scholars and I were given a presentation on career lessons by Erika Olson, who is a freelance film critic, blogger and writer. Olson graduated from the University of Michigan Ross School Of Business, and she earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. Olson talked to us about all the various different careers that she had throughout her life—one of them being the managing director at the Chicago Board of Trade. She talked to us about her experience... read more

Don't Snooze on Your Fall 2014 Registration!

The semester is almost over, and we all know that it is now time to register for your Fall 2014 classes! Scheduling for the next semester can be exciting, but it may also be a tad bit overwhelming. This is why today, I have compiled some useful tips for you to help create a schedule that works best for you!  
  • Make an appointment with your adviser. Many of us have already made our appointments with our adviser, but if you haven’t done so yet, then this is the first thing you should do!  Academic...
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Business Scholars Visit The Chicago Mercantile Exchange

On Wednesday, April 2, my fellow Business Scholars and I went to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), an American commodity derivative exchange, founded in Chicago in the year 1898. There, my fellow Scholars and I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to James Oliff, a member of CME for over 30 years who now currently serves on the advisory board of The Review of Future Markets. James Oliff talked to us Scholars about all the different goods that are traded at CME which included commodities,... read more

How to Choose a Major

Are you looking to study business at UIC, but still haven’t decided on a major? Fear Not! UIC’s College of Business Administration has six exceptional majors you can choose from. These majors include Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and Information and Decision Sciences. Many students who apply to the College of Business Administration either have a clear vision on what career path they would like to pursue, or they are not entirely sure. If you fall into the... read more