Tech Ventures: A Look Back on This Summer's Coursework

As my summer comes to a close, I can’t help but think what an amazing and overwhelming profound learning experience that I have been given this summer with the Technology Ventures Program. I don’t understand why more students aren’t banging down the door to be a part of this program. For those of you who don’t know, Tech Ventures is a three-part course series that starts in the summer. During the summer semester, you learn how to write a business plan and how to work with venture capitalists and... read more

How a Stranger Changed My Life

Sometimes the best things in life are completely spontaneous. Sometimes the best connections are made on accident. Sometimes the best decisions are the ones you are afraid to make. When I say sometimes, I really mean most of the time. Last month, Seth Godin was a stranger to me. Now, I consider him a mentor, a true leader who is inspiring me to DO, take action and to SHIP my ideas to a finish. I am so grateful to have met him. I am honored to know him. Let me tell you how I met this stranger...... read more

UIC Liautaud Networking Event

What do you get when you combine incoming graduate business students, current Liautaud student ambassadors, faculty members and Greek food? The final UIC Liautaud new student networking event of the summer, of course! Every year, we host several new student networking events to encourage our incoming Liautaud students to mingle and get to know current Liautaud students, faculty and staff members. Last night, our final event of the summer took place at the Parthenon Restaurant in Chicago's Greek... read more

Alumni Profile: Anna Lisa Somera, MBA/MPH 2006

Anna Lisa Somera MBA/MPH 2006 Concentration: Entrepreneurship Pre-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Biotechnology Post-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Venture Capital and Consulting Undergraduate Degree: BS Biology and Anthropology, MS Cellular Biology Undergraduate Institution: Loyola University (undergrad), Rush University (grad) Current Employer: Independent consultant to several life science start-up companies and venture capital firms Why did you return to school to obtain your Graduate... read more

Arriving to the Present, Part 2: Deliberation of Dreams

Continued from Arriving to the Present, Part 1: Pursue Passion-- Fast forward a year, I’m working for the world’s most admired company in consumer electronics and back at square one in my mind. I find myself in a position where I’m granted the flexibility I need to enjoy myself and travel, but my life is revolving in what feels like a sphere of slow progress. So naturally, I decide to go back to school. And the limitless option cycle began again! Maybe I should do skill-based? Massage Therapy!... read more

First Day of Tech Ventures

On Tuesday, I attended my first lecture in the three-semester course called Tech Ventures. My first impressions are as follows:
  • This class will be truly inspiring. While the first semester of class is mostly theory and background infomation on new "hi-tech" ventures, the next two semesters are spent doing something truly real: Real in the sense that you are constructing a real business plan that could really work and really become a company.
  • With that being said, not all of the student run...
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Liautaud Graduate Finance Interest Network (GFIN) Launches Official Website

Student organizations play an important role in bringing together UIC business school students, professors and alumni both inside and outside of the classroom. The Liautaud Graduate Finance Interest Network (GFIN) enables career-oriented business candidates to discuss theory, current events and market opportunities (internships, and part-time/full-time job leads), leveraging the power of its many assets. GFIN also provides valuable in-roads for companies and external industry leaders to tell... read more

Alumni Profile: Josh Franklin, MBA 2010

Josh Franklin MBA 2010
  • Concentration: Finance and Accounting
  • Pre-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Financial Markets
  • Post-Degree Industry/Field of Work: Corporate Finance
  • Undergraduate Degree: Information Sciences
  • Undergraduate Institution: UIC
  • Current Employer: DTE Energy - ADDP Finance
  • Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/josh-franklin/1/79/9
Q & A with Josh...
  • Why did you return to school to obtain your Graduate Business Degree? In order to take the next step in my career and become a leader...
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Student Ambassador Spotlight: Jocelyn Mohr, MBA Candidate 2012

Jocelyn Mohr MBA Candidate 2012 Part-time student
  • Concentration(s): Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Industry/ Field of work: Marketing
  • Undergraduate degree in: BFA Interior Architecture
  • Undergraduate School: Columbia College Chicago
  • Career Goal: to be a business owner, of what I’m not sure yet. The sky is the limit!
  • Organizations involved with: Net Impact, GMARK
  • Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jmohr4
Q & A with Jocelyn...
  • What prompted you to return to school to achieve your MBA? I have...
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