Doing Business in Brazil Summer 2011: What Brazil Taught Me

Over the course of two weeks in Brazil, I had the opportunity to learn so many new and exciting things that I would not have learned by merely hearing or reading about it in a classroom. Reason being, you can't learn about the Brazilian culture till you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

We had two weeks of classes at the FGV University. We were taught by some of the most well respected professors at the University and around the country.  The professors certainly have a unique flair and approach to their teaching style, different from the standard traditional teaching style that I’m accustomed to in America.  It was very refreshing to hear these professors give us the inside knowledge of Sao Paulo, and the country Brazil. I definitely felt as though that we all had come out of the 2 week study abroad program with a sense of understanding and knowledge of Brazil. 

Over the course of two weeks, we not only learned about the country but also the different businesses that are involved. The inner workings of the banking systems and federal policy really helped us a get a better understanding of how businesses work in Brazil. I feel that every MBA student should take the opportunity to attend a study abroad program. It's definitely something that will enrich your academic/professional/social life. 








Kiran Kripakaran is one of 20 UIC Liautaud MBA students participating in the “Doing Business in Brazil” during the Summer 2011 term.

DOING BUSINESS IN BRAZIL is a two-week course in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, considered one of the top business schools in South America. This English-language course covers Brazilian and South American business issues, the political and social climate, national culture, consumer marketing, and Mercosur.

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