Doing Business in Brazil Summer 2011: First Week in Brazil

UIC Liautaud Doing Business in Brazil - Kiran KripakaranI've been in Sao Paulo for a little over a week now, and it has been an amazing time so far. The city itself can be best described as a "concrete jungle." The amount of diverse cultures and different types of people that are here is at times overwhelming. We had a chance to look at the city from a great view atop a skyscraper. Its hard to describe how the city looks specifically, but in general it's just layers and layers of different structures ranging from skyscrapers to high rises. The size of the city is massive and seems as though it's never ending. Unlike Chicago, which has a specific city center, Sao Paulo has 3 or 4 different centers. The school we are studying at, FGV, is located in the financial center of Sao Paulo. It has been a great time so far and have thoroughly enjoyed living and breathing the culture of Sao Paulo. I know there are more experiences to come and will definitely post them when I get a chance.

UIC Liautaud Doing Business in Brazil ~ First week in Brazil


Kiran Kripakaran is one of 20 UIC Liautaud MBA students participating in the “Doing Business in Brazil” during the Summer 2011 term.

DOING BUSINESS IN BRAZIL is a two-week course in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, considered one of the top business schools in South America. This English-language course covers Brazilian and South American business issues, the political and social climate, national culture, consumer marketing, and Mercosur.

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