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How to Fund Your Graduate Degree

Ready to start grad school, but unsure how to pay for it? If you are considering starting a masters program, you may be asking yourself how you will be able to afford it. Many applicants and new students often ask us about assistance with tuition, or ways they can pay for their graduate degree program. We offer a few different ways to help fund your education. Here is our guide to scholarships, assistantships, and loans to help you get started. Scholarships The Liautaud Graduate School of... read more

Top 5 Tips for International Applicants

As the February 15 deadline approaches for Fall 2016 International applicants, our admissions staff are processing a deluge of applications. Here are some tips to help your application through the process. Two parts to the application The application consists of the UIC Liautaud application (Apply Yourself), the UIC Supplemental application (University application) and the $70 application fee. When you are directed to the UIC Supplemental application, this is treated as a separate account.... read more

The New Face in Admissions - Colleen Morris

We would like to introduce you to Colleen Morris, the newest member of the Liautaud team! Colleen joined us in early November as Assistant Director of Admissions. Read on for some facts about Colleen and to learn more about her.  All About Colleen Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Favorite Part of the Day: My morning coffee. Always.  Favorite Activities: It might be cliche, but I love to travel internationally and spend time with family.I have traveled to over 25 different countries and I love the... read more

Fall into Chicago!

Whether you like it or not, Fall is officially upon us here in Chicago. It’s that time of year - pumpkin spice lattes, scary movies, and mid-terms. Besides working, studying, and going to class, one must make time for extracurricular activities; otherwise, you will be burnt out. Luckily, we live in Chicago, a city with tons of things to do. If you are new to the city, or just not sure what is happening around town, we have made it easy for you with our top things to do in the city this Fall.... read more

Interested in a PhD Program?

At UIC Liautaud, our doctoral programs build upon the stature as a Research 1 institution. Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to study with renowned experts in various fields, who are producing new knowledge for our global economy. We offer PhD programs in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, and Information and Decision Sciences. To learn more about the PhD programs and concentrations, visit the Doctoral Programs page. There... read more

Applying for Fall 2015? Want your application to get through the Admissions pipeline faster? Read about our Admissions procedures here!

Our Fall 2015 applications are already pouring in and the Fall 2014 term hasn’t even ended! The Admissions team wants to make sure that applicants know all of the Admissions instructions, so applications are processed quickly. You can begin your application now at go.uic.edu/apply. You will create an account with a username and password so that you can return to work on your application at a later time, if needed. For students looking to re-apply, please create a new account by using a new email... read more

Attention PhD Applicants! New deadline for Fall 2015!

There is a new deadline date for prospective PhD applicants for the Fall 2015 term. The online application and application fee of $60 is due on December 15, 2014. You can complete the online application now. Our application consists of the Apply Yourself application, the UIC Supplemental application, and the $60 application fee. Please note, when you are directed to the UIC Supplemental application, you will have to create a new user account since this a different system. You must submit... read more

Admission Tips from an Insider!

As the Domestic Spring 2015 application deadline approaches, I would like to share some tips that will help you with the application process. The Spring 2015 application deadline for domestic applicants is November 1, 2014. You can complete the online application now. Our application consists of the Apply Yourself application, the UIC Supplemental application, and the $60 application fee. Please note, when you are directed to the UIC Supplemental application, you will have to create a new... read more

International Applicant Admissions: Insider Tips

  2014 hasn’t even begun, but we are already receiving applications for Fall 2014. International applicants have started early this year and applications are pouring in! Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid common mistakes in the process: You can apply online now. You will complete the UIC Liautaud application, the UIC supplemental application, and pay the $60 application fee. Please note, when you are directed to the UIC supplemental application, create a new account log in since this... read more

Last Call for Docs! Attention Spring 2014 International Applicants

Attention Spring 2014 International applicants! Next Thursday, August 15, is the deadline for all supplemental documents. In order for your application to be considered for the spring 2014 term, you must submit all documents and scores by this date. To check on your status and to see what documents are missing, please log back into your application. Please only be concerned with the status “not received.” Documents that show a status of “received unofficial” or “received official” have been... read more

Admissions Advice Like A Boss!

Hello everyone! My name is Diane Ginajlo and I am the Admissions and Records Officer here at UIC Liautaud. I work behind the scenes, so you may not have met me in person, but I work with many of our applicants through email and phone. I’m the person who will send you an email letting you know what documents are missing or answering your admissions questions. I thought sharing a few notes may help make the admissions process a little smoother for you.  First thing’s first: access our... read more