“Many activities and team play participation will give you a training that will prove invaluable later on in life” –Walter Annenberg

Student Organizations

UIC Liautaud student organizations are an essential part of your graduate career. With multiple associations for the wide range of students’ interests, you are sure to find a group that best suits you. Student organizations give students vital resources for career networking, leadership responsibility, socializing, community service opportunities, and much more! Through active participation, students expand their academic experience and gain more opportunity to find a convergence between theory and practice. Each organization brings a unique approach to student activities which give members access to more diverse opportunities.

Last semester student organizations held a wide variety of events. Here’s just a taste of some of the 2010 Fall Semester activities!

MBA Association (MBAA): The MBA Association is the largest student organization and is available to all Liautaud students, regardless of which program one is enrolled in. Group activities range from social and service-based events to academic. In the fall semester, the MBAA sponsored a baseball outing to a White Sox game, student participation in the Chicago AIDS Walk/Run, a holiday gift drive and gift card collection, and happy hours after class the 3rd Thursday of each month.

MBAA White Sox Outing
MBAA White Sox Outing

Liautaud Student Ambassador Program
: Student Ambassadors provide information and an insider’s perspective to prospective students by participating in information sessions and campus tours and representing the school at recruiting events.

MSA Association (MSAA): The student association of the MSA program held a bowling event in the fall and publishes a periodic publication for MSA students.

Graduate Marketing Association (GMARK): In the fall semester GMARK has been very active, sponsoring a tour of PepsiCo manufacturing and distribution facilities, hosting a career-focused Professor Q&A Panel with Professors Kim Moon and David Koehler, held a fundraiser with Malia Designs, and hosted a barbeque at a UIC Soccer game.

GMARK PepsiCo Tour
GMARK PepsiCo Tour

Graduate Finance Interest Network (GFIN): Hosted both a Finance Open House and a panel from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Net Impact (NI): Part of a network of student organizations committed to making business a vehicle for social change, in the fall UIC’s chapter of Net Impact took a tour of Mc Donald’s LEED certified corporate office building, held a Granola Bar Fundraiser, hosted a roundtable event on, “Effective and Successful Leadership”, and held a holiday clothing drive.

Women’s Impact Network (WIN): The organization that supports the professional success of its women members held its annual Wine and Cheese party and invited all members of the UIC Liautaud community.

WIN Wine and Cheese Event
WIN Wine & Cheese Event

Real Estate Group (REG)
: Hosted “Real Estate in Real Life,” a presentation with successful, Chicago business professionals.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS): This organization for students in the Management Information Systems program hosted a bowling party in the fall.

With UIC Liautaud providing the academic knowledge-base necessary to succeed professionally, student organizations give students the reach to broaden ties on campus and throughout the community. The UIC Liautaud student organizations help students utilize their resources and give them ample opportunities to maximize their Liautaud experience!

For any questions regarding student orgs activities, please contact LGSBGA@uic.edu or visit: http://www.uic.edu/cba/lgsb/index.html and click on “Student Organizations” on the left hand side.

“My involvement with the MBAA and Net Impact has helped me to connect with students, professors and members of the Chicago business community. Creating a network with those who share my interests has been a valuable experience!” – Dave Ebel, MBA Candidate 2012