INFORMS Deloitte Information Session

UIC Liautaud INFORMS student Organization kicked-off their semester with a Deloitte Information Session on September 9, 2011.  The event began at 4:00 pm in the evening.  All the students were dressed to impress and looked very keen for the session, especially the new students of Fall 2011.  The session was solely for MIS students of UIC.

There were four representatives from Deloitte; three working in the AFT (Analytic and Forensic Technology) Department and the fourth being working in Human Resources.  Of the three representatives working in AFT, one was our very own UIC Liautaud MIS alumni, Krishna Thilak.  The session started off with introductions and then quickly went shifted towards the presentation that they had prepared to share.

The AFT managers / consultants started off by telling about the company’s profile, nature of work, and details on branch offices.  Students found this information very useful and descriptive.  Following that, the session’s main ingredient came into the picture – Analytic and Forensic Technology.

Deloitte representatives first explained what AFT deals with and how they go about utilizing the technology.  Students found it very exciting to hear about the forensic information.  Deloitte employees then took two case studies and explained how AFT analyzed them.  While explaining about these case studies, they also shared their personal experience with a few cases they worked on, which was also quite fascinating.  They also took the opportunity to tell the students about their initial training session, which was in a state-of-the-art facility.  Finally, the representative from HR department explained the pre-requisites and requirements to apply for a full-time job position.  There was also a questionnaire session, where the inquiries from students were answered by the representatives.

The session ended on a nice note; there were some Deloitte diaries as well as chocolate cake and cookies!

Deloitte Rep
Deloitte Presentation

MIS Students with Deloitte Rep
MIS Students

Intrigued Students
Intrigued Students

MIS Students with Deloitte Rep
MIS Students with Deloitte Reps