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Alumni Success Story: Ron Brigel, '97 Management

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Hyde Park, just a few blocks from where my restaurant is now located. What prompted you to choose UIC? Did you enroll knowing you'd major in business? I chose UIC because of the great value of education offered at competitive prices.  In UIC I saw a $4,000 per year school (at the time) whose degree was respected as well as the $20,000 per year schools.  I knew I would be a business major.  At that point in my life I went to college for one reason - to increase... read more

The Business Alumni Association and You

Each year the Business Alumni Association (BAA) sponsors events that range from networking happy hours to behind the scene looks at Chicago-area businesses and cultural institutions to community service events.  These activities are a fun way to stay involved with UIC after graduating and a great idea for current students to get involved now.  Meeting with and building relationships with alumni can polish your communication skills and create the connections you need to secure a job later.   If... read more

Start your job hunt today with these great tips!

College is a busy time for everyone.  Whether you are attending full time or part time, the days fill with homework, group projects, work, internships, family, student org meetings and more.  As a result, thinking about the job search often gets pushed to the back burner until well into a student's last year. Lindsay Olson, a PR and recruiting specialist, has great tips for current students to implement from the very beginning of their college career - check out her blog post to learn more. In... read more

Alumni Success Story: The UIC Business Entrepreneurial Spirit

Chris Kearney, BS Marketing '09 Entrepreneur and owner of College Rising Photo Credit: Erica Minix Where did you grow up? I grew up in the west burbs of Chicago in Burr Ridge and Willow Springs. What prompted you to choose UIC? Did you enroll knowing you'd major in business? I came to UIC as a transfer student from the College of DuPage and Joliet Junior College.  My two school options were UIC and UIUC. I had a few close friends at each school, but thought UIC was a great value compared to... read more

Leaving a Legacy

As a high school junior or senior, graduating college probably seemed like a lifetime away.  But after the excitement of being admitted, registering for classes, and completing orientation, time flew by with the busyness that college life brings.  Classes, group projects, student organizations, internships, exams, working, and more filled the last four years of your life and turned you into a highly skilled young professional.   Now you find yourself in your senior year gearing up... read more

Alumni Success Story: Jimmy Merritello, BBA '13

Alumni Success Stories Jimmy Merritello, BBA '13 Entreprenurial Studies Where did you grow up? I grew up in Addison, IL. What prompted you to choose UIC? My father, mother, aunt, and uncle each attended UIC for their undergrad degrees. The city location, reputable university name, and reasonable price were also more practical reasons. Did you always know you were going to be a business major? I dabbled with other ideas, but always seemed to come back to business because it can be applied in so... read more

UIC Business Career Center Welcomes New Corporate Engagement Team Members

We are pleased to announce and welcome two new team members to the UIC Business Career Center, Justin Lall and Nicolas Bernal, the new Associate Directors of the Corporate Engagement Team. JUSTIN LALL Connect with Justin on LinkedIn Justin comes from an IT staff augmentation background. In previous positions, Justin was a preferred staffing partner to companies such as Deloitte Consulting, KPMG, CapGemini, CSC, ExxonMobil, General Atomics, Lockheed Martin, and many others. Prior to his work in... read more

The Early Bird Gets the Job!

UIC Business Students, welcome back to a new academic year! Remember it is never too early to start your internship and career search. Here are some tips on getting started now. UIC's career portal is designed to help you : 1. Log into with your user name (complete UIC e-mail address) and Password (UIN#).  Inside UICccareers, you'll find plenty of various job and internship opportunities with your name on them! 2. If you are a new user, complete your profile. If you are a... read more

News from UIC Business Career Center | Hot Jobs, Internships and More

UIC Liautaud students, welcome back to a new academic year! Although you have just started class this week, it's definitely time to start your internship and job search. Please note: The UIC Business Career Center has moved to 110 Douglas Hall. You can stop by to make an appointment with our Career Advisers, or you can make appointments online by logging into the Inner Loop. START YOUR JOB SEARCH TODAY:   1. Login to with your username (complete UIC e-mail address) and password... read more

Business Career Center Resume EXPO | This Thursday, September 12

The UIC Business Career Center invites current students and recent alumni to our semi-annual Resume EXPO Thursday, September 12, taking place at the UIC Student Services Building. This is a great way to network with employers and recruiters and learn first-hand what employers are looking in a resume.   The Resume EXPO is open to undergraduate and graduate students. No registration is needed for this event - come as you are and bring multiple copies of your resumes.  Here are some helpful... read more

Student Success Stories: Luis Alberto Vargas

  Luis Alberto Vargas Class of: 2014 Major: Accounting Company: KPMG Position Title: Audit Intern  How did you obtain your current position? I used the resources provided by the UIC Business Career Center, such as the          UICCareers website and job fair that was held in the spring semester. Through the job fair I was able to meet my recruiter, who encouraged me to apply through the UICCareers and KPMG website. Describe what you will be doing in your new positions? At KPMG, I will be an... read more

On the Path to Success: Alex Estrada

  Alex Estrada Class of 2016 Major: Finance            Email: Company: Caterpillar Position: Corporate Finance Intern   Why did you choose your current position?  I thought this would be a great opportunity to work with a company that is diverse and is known to deliver a wide range of financial management around the world. I have always had an interest in energy, which led me to Caterpillar who has a reputation as a leading manufacturer of construction and mining... read more

On the Path to Success: Holly Sang Ah Lee

Name: Holly (SangAh) Lee     Class of: 2014 Major: Accounting       Email: Entry Level Position Company: Deloitte LLC Title of Position: Audit Assistant   Why did you chose your current position? As an accounting major, I knew I wanted to start my career at a Big Four firm.  This was not because of the general route, but because I knew working at a Big Four would be a tremendous experience that could open the door to numerous possibilities. Deloitte was my first choice because it... read more

On the Path to Success: Sunny Shah

Sunny Shah Class of: 2014 Major: Information and Decision Sciences Email: Internship Position Company: Cook County Government Title of Position: Information Security Intern   Why did you choose your current position? I have been very interested in cyber security throughout my college career and due to the recent cyber-attacks on the news, it has become a very important issue for the U.S. I think my internship is a great starting point to see how companies combat cyber-attacks... read more

On the Path to Success: Jose Prado

Jose Prado Class of: May 2014 Major: Finance Email: Internship Company: Caterpillar Title of Position: Corporate Treasury Intern   Why did you choose this position? I chose this position because I needed to prove to myself that I belonged in the financial industry.  Being a finance student, I had to know whether or not this was something I could see myself doing as a career.   Describe your experience at Caterpillar? Interning at Caterpillar was a very rewarding experience from... read more

My Interview Experience!

Recently, I had a phone interview with one of the top financial firms in New York. It’s a Summer Analyst Program for freshman and sophomores. I applied for this position in beginning of February on the company's website.                  Let me just start by saying, I did not expect an interview, but out of the blue during spring break, I received an email from the interviewer to set up a time.  This was one of the first things that I did right after spring break. Since the interviewer was in... read more

StartUp Series Events at UIC

Have you ever wanted to run your own business? Or do you already have a start up and need some help? Then you should definitely try to attend the “StartUp Series” event that has been taking place at UIC HIT every Monday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM till the end of July. I have always had interest in starting up a business and also wanted to see all the fuss about start up companies now days. Sometimes it can be a make or break deal for your careers. So when I saw this free opportunity I was really... read more

Webinar series by Goldman Sachs

Have you ever been to an interview and the interviewer said, “Walk me though you resume?” If you have, your most likely response was that you listed all the great things on your resume in order.  Well, that might not be an ideal response. Think about it. The interview already has a resume in front of them and restating what they can all ready see is not ideal. To know what the best response is and other tips on resume and interview watch this recorded webinar hosted by Goldman Sachs. Also, from... read more

To all freshmen: Let’s talk about LinkedIn

                                    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello Everyone! Today’s blog post will be all about LinkedIn and how LinkedIn can be a beneficial tool to use. As recent high school graduates, it is essential that you utilize this social media tool because it can help you network with those in your field, find jobs, and connect with important contacts for the future. You have to remember that LinkedIn is... read more

On the Path to Success: Alexandra Molina

Alexandra Molina Class of: 2015 Major: Information Decision Science Semester Full Time Co-Op Company: Monsanto Title of Position: R&D IT Co-Op Why did you choose your current position? I chose this position because I want to gain real-world experience in the IT field before I graduate. Monsanto offers an extensive number of options for IT co-ops that are engaged with important issues that will impact the organization as a whole. This opportunity will give me better chance in obtaining a... read more