UIC Liautaud Assurance of Learning Event Recap


This past weekend, we held the inaugural UIC Liautaud Assurance of Learning Events.  The AACSB, the accrediting organization of business schools, recently initiated a requirement that all accredited schools measure the outcomes of their programs to assure that the schools are meeting their educational goals.  UIC Liautaud developed a two-part assessment to measure this - a three-hour standardized test and an assessment center that culminated in a case competition among Liautaud students.  All Liautaud Master's degree students were invited to participate in these events.

On Friday, January 14, students participated in a written exam to assess the general business knowledge they have gained while enrolled as a UIC Liautaud student.  No study guides or preparatory materials were available for this exam.  However, many of our Liautaud students still bravely signed up to test their business acumen!

On Saturday, January 15, students came together for the UIC Liautaud Assessment Center.  The event consisted of three major components: individual case analysis, group work and preparation for the case presentation, and final case presentations/competition.

To kick off the event, students were each given a case to read, and they spent the first part of the morning working individually and writing an analysis of the case.  Each student was responsible for analyzing either the "Just Trying to Help" case by Julia Kirby or the "Leadership Development: Perk or Priority?" case by Idalene F. Kesner (both from the Harvard Business Review).

After the individual case analysis assignments were submitted, students worked together in groups of four and created their presentations for the case competition.  Then, in the afternoon, students presented their group case analysis to judging panels consisting of UIC Liautaud faculty, alumni, and external company representatives.

Team 2

Left: April Gardner, Stephen McKeon, Emil Barci, and Zac Bleicher work on their team case presentation.

Team 1

Right: Dominic Blank, Gary Joseph, Kiran Kripakaran, and Dave Ebel present their case analysis to a panel of judges.

After all teams had presented, the judges conferred to determine the winners of the case competition.  They also met with each team individually to provide them with feedback related to their presentation and analysis of the case.

Above: Case competition judges confer.

After the judges provided each team feedback, the case competition winners were announced to the entire group.  UIC Liautaud is proud to announce the following students as winners of the case competition:

Team 3
Team 3: Aaron Bass, Beth Schinoff, Cassandra Roller, Stuart Osborn

Team 4
Team 4: Ankita Vij, Jia Luo, Himanshu Sharma, Jim Chapman

A big thank you and congratulations to all UIC Liautaud students who participated in our first Assurance of Learning events!  If you were not able to participate in the January events, please know that we will keep all students informed of future Assurance of Learning events in the upcoming semesters.