UIC Business Scholar Completes Internship with Enterprise

Michael Lev, a senior Business Scholar majoring in marketing and minoring in managerial skills, completed an Account Specialist Internship with Enterprise Truck Rental this summer. His many successes in the position – including receiving an award for Top Presenter among over 70 interns – were made possible by the professional skills he developed at UIC Business.

Lev was invited to an interview at Enterprise’s headquarters in Lombard after connecting with a recruiter and filling out an application online. “We talked about my previous experience and what I’ve gained from the Business Scholars program. It was very conversational. He was interested in learning more about me.” The recruiter offered Lev the internship on the spot. 

Lev attributes landing the internship to the skills he acquired in the UIC Business professional development programming. “BA 100 (Introduction to UIC and Professional Development) and BA 220 (Business Professional Development II) really helped me develop my interpersonal communication skills and really set me apart from other applicants.” Furthermore, Lev ascribes his success to the Business Scholars Speaker Series, an exclusive series of talks and networking events with business professionals for students in the Business Scholars program. During these events, he employed the networking skills he learned in BA 100 and 220 and gained experience communicating with industry professionals.

At his internship, Lev was trusted with the responsibilities of full-time employees. He met face to face with customers to walk through contracts and address any issues, such as documenting preexisting damage to the vehicles. In addition, Lev took on responsibilities with the company’s marketing department, projecting potential clients and reaching out to prospects.  These projects were some of his favorite aspects of the position. 

Lev will graduate with a UIC Business degree May of 2018 and has several full-time offers. His best advice to business students seeking internships is to utilize LinkedIn as a tool to network with other students and professionals. “You would be very surprised at the amount of positive feedback you get if you reach out to someone in a field you are interested in. Professionals are much more willing to give someone their time than most people you would expect. The worst thing that could happen is that they say no to you.”