Congratulations to the May Class of 2021

To the May Class of 2021,

As we end the spring semester, I want to send a sincere thank you and congratulations to all of our students! We hardly expected to still be navigating the complications and risks of living in a global pandemic for over a year. Nearly every student we met was not only working hard in their courses, they also experienced work challenges, family health issues and sadly, even loss of life.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students learned innovative ways of meeting life’s demands academically and personally. Please know that no matter what your question or concern, we are here to assist you as well as connect you to additional resources!

To our graduates, congratulations on completing this significant milestone in your life. We hope that despite not being able to be on campus this past academic year, you will come back to UIC when it is possible, to meet your advisors and faculty members and even current students. Please keep in touch.

Wishing everyone a restful time as we move into the summer. For those of you who will be taking classes this summer, we will be here to support you, as always!

Stay healthy and safe!