The New Face of Chicago: Caralynn Nowinski, MBA/MD 2007

UIC alumna Caralynn Nowinski, MBA/MD 2007, has become a key trailblazer in the efforts to revitalize the nation’s manufacturing base, with UI LABS. When Caralynn started her MBA journey at UIC Liautaud, she wanted to learn the basics of business to better prepare herself for a future role within hospital administration, something to complement her medical degree. However, once she started her journey, she was exposed to amazing opportunities that allowed her to explore a variety of different avenues.

 During Caralynn’s UIC career, she was one of the first winners of the UIC C2V Challenge, with co-founded concept SanoGene Therapeutics Inc., which was later backed by Cato BioVentures, the venture-capital affiliate of North Carolina-based drug-testing firm Cato Research Ltd. Not only did this experience spark Caralynn’s career, but also helped land her on Crain’s Chicago Business 2008 "Forty Under Forty.”

Now as interim Executive Director and Chief Operating Office of UI LABS, Caralynn has become the face of Chicago. Under the direction of Caralynn, UI LABS will serve as a flagship for U.S. digital manufacturing, which utilizes the latest in technology to improve the manufacturing process. 


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