The Best Place to Work - Google

This past fall semester a group of UIC Liautaud graduate students visited Google's downtown Chicago office. The purpose of the company visit was to learn more about Google's company culture, and what it's like to be employed by a company ranked number one on Fortune's, 'Best Places to Work."

Before the highly anticipated tour, students had the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Google, as well as hear firsthand from Googlers in the Chicago office. During the conversation a number of interesting concepts were discussed; such as the use of 20% roles, interest based communities that range from gaming to the arts, and weekly business update meetings from the founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin).


"The discussion about culture was very interesting. It is apparent Google has taken many steps to encourage employee engagement and innovation." - Jasmin Aßmann, MBA/MIS Candidate 2015



Another highlight of the visit was hearing firsthand from a Technology Manager, Advertising & Technology Consultant, and Account Manager. This panel was very insightful and candid about their experiences and challenges. While all the panelists came from various backgrounds, ranging from Finance to South American studies, it was obvious from their explanations that Google looks for candidates who are highly adaptable and embrace the opportunity to learn. 



"The Google panel was absolutely insightful. Sometimes, as someone who is not extremely tech-savvy, you may get intimidated by organizations such as Google. However, the panel truly motivated me to seek opportunities at Google and further inspired me to highlight what I can bring to the table rather than ponder what I can't." Ariana Taylor, MBA Candidate 2015



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