Student Spotlight: Sade Stokes, MBA Candidate 2016


UIC Liautaud Student Profile


Name: Sade L. Stokes

Email Address:             

Program: Master of Business Administration

Concentration(s): Marketing

Full-time/Part-time Student:  Part-time

Industry/Field of work: Human Resources / Public Affairs

Class of: 2016

Undergraduate degree in:  Finance        

Undergraduate School:  University of Illinois at Chicago

Organizations involved with: Graduate Marketing Association

What prompted you to return to school to achieve your master’s degree?

                I returned to school to get my master’s degree because I knew I wanted to do two things. I wanted to transition into marketing and I wanted to maximize my education. I believe if you can maximize education then the world is at your fingertips. I am a true advocate for education, but after the completion of my bachelor’s degree I took a year off from school and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.

What was the most important factor for you in choosing a master’s program (or factors you considered)?

The most important factor in choosing a master’s program is the opportunities that can be provided outside of the classroom.  Growth, personal development, and social interaction with peers are really what shape the person you become upon graduation.

Why did you choose UIC Liautaud for your graduate study?

                I chose UIC Liautaud for graduate study because I knew that I would be able to grow and learn in aspects most universities can’t provide. UIC provides a diverse community that consists of faculty, students, and organizations. Not to mention the university is minutes away from downtown Chicago.  I have always enjoyed the city because of it’s diversity, so I didn’t have to think twice when applying to UIC.   

We all know that people pursue graduate school to increase their business knowledge, but since you have started the program, what has been the most unexpected gain the program has given you?

                The most unexpected gain the program has given to me is a thorough understanding of the material presented to me in the classroom. I didn’t expect to understand the material as clearly as I do, especially in subjects that I have feared in the past such as statistics and accounting.

The UIC Liautaud professors are continuously involved in researching new business trends and innovations. How have you felt the professors have been able to integrate their theoretical knowledge into practical applications? Do you have any examples?

                I have had the opportunity of having professors that worked for several years in their years of study so they are able to provide a real-world emphasis when teaching the material. For example,

Which class/professor has been your favorite thus far and why?

                Thus far, Murad Gharibeh has been my favorite professor because he teaches at a level that all students can comprehend.  He presents the material as if no one has ever heard or learned the material before and that makes his class so much more easier to understand.

What is your favorite aspect of the UIC campus and why?

                My favorite aspect of the UIC campus is the Chicago skyline, I can see it every evening as I’m walking form class. It’s so beautiful and so close to campus seeing the bright lights makes me feel so much  closer to my dreams.

How would you define the Liautaud student?

                The Liautaud student is an achiever, one who commits to achieving goals in order to live his/her dream.

What advice would you provide to incoming UIC Liautaud students?

                I would recommend that incoming Liautaud students carefully select their concentration so that they can make the most out of their education. There appears to be great instructors in  almost every concentration Liautaud has to offer, but if students can truly appreciate what they’re learning they are bound to exceed their own expectations.

With classes, work, and homework demanding your time, you are hard-pressed to find, “free time.” When you do find yourself with this precious, “free time” how do you like to spend it?

                I like to spend my free time painting, attending plays, reading a good book or engaging in some type of physical activity such as working out or doing yoga.

If you have completed an internship, who was it with and what was your favorite experience? If you have not had an internship yet, what would your dream internship be?

                I have yet to complete an internship because I currently work full-time, but I would love to intern as a brand manager at Coca Cola.

Many courses require students to complete a project that applies course concepts to real world situations. If you have had a course project that was very insightful, what course was it for and what did you like about the project?

                In my Introduction to Financial Accounting course I had been required to work with a group of three other students to analyze the financial statements of Southwest Airlines in order decide if purchasing stock from this company would be a good investment. I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to learn about a topic that was unclear for me.  I have always held an interest in stocks and bonds but never had any in depth knowledge about the subject and so this project made things very clear.