Spring 2014 CRIM Student Projects Expo

Earlier this month the IDS Department in conjunction with the Center for Research in Information Management (CRIM) brought the best and the brightest students together to showcase their work and problem solving skills. Throughout the semester teams of students, both undergraduate and graduate, worked to solve real-world business problems facing Chicagoland companies.

After diligently working to solve these Management Information System problems, each student group showcased their solutions to faculty and staff, as well as several executives and potential recruiters. This event was an amazing opportunity for students to learn from each other, and network with industry professionals.

After the presentation and judging of each project, an undergraduate and graduate project winner was announced.

Undergraduate Winner
IDS 406; Instructor: James Erickson
Students: Waqas Aslam, Lukasz Koprowski, Alexander Kubacki, Jessica Loyo
Project Title: System and Process Review for Forecasting Material Requirements for Rail Car Maintenance
Sponsor: TTX

Graduate Winner
IDS 507; Instructor: Matthew Liotine - 82
Students: Manjari Bhadra, Stephen McDowell, Faisal Mohammed, Amit Tripathy
Project Title: Mobile Timekeeping
Sponsor: Tovar




The projects covered a variety of solutions - for example students: Namratha Sawant, Ravikanth N, Simranjit Gill, Srikanth Perni worked to develop a website implementation strategy for más.












"It was a really great experience to work with real companies and

present fresh ideas that they may not have considered before! "

-IDS Student





Tovar - Mobile Timekeeping

Students: Manjari Bhadra, Stephen McDowell, Faisal Mohammed, Amit Tripathy




To get more information about the Spring 2014 CRIM Student Projects Expo you can contact Rachel Marrow at rlmarrow@uic.edu.